World Cup Updates: Day 20, Wednesday.

REALITYFIFA World Cup 2010

No matches on Wednesday or Thursday (today).  Play resumes on Friday, July 2nd, with the quarter-finals (Final 8).


FANTASY:  MTV World Cup of Rock 2010  (Poll closed!)

Match-up #3 FINAL:  S. Korea (RAIN) 91.5% of the vote versus USA (Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon, Paramore) 8.5%

Match-up #2 FINAL:  S. Korea (RAIN) 95.2% of the vote versus S. Africa (Dave Matthews) 4.8%

Match-up #1 FINAL:  S. Korea (RAIN) 90.7% of the vote versus England (Coldplay) 9.3%

Well, gee.  Rain’s got to be through to the Final 8 knockout round with that kind of lead in all three matches.  For sure.  The question, though, is how will he be seeded?  In what position will he be placed?  There were a couple of other teams who also blew their opponents out with high percentages a time or two, like the US and Japan.  And I’m dying to know where my motherland will be placed; though I support Rain with everything in me, I do want the US to make a good showing, but their scores are too varied to help me predict anything…

All shall be revealed this morning (Thursday) in the MTV Newsroom blog’s World Cup of Rock coverage.  See you then.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on July 1, 2010.

One Response to “World Cup Updates: Day 20, Wednesday.”

  1. I haven’t followed the game to much but just for a look at BI This would become my nu favorite pass time love the shorts! Much Love


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