Lotte’s still lovin’ us… in Japanese.

Remember back on June 15, when a » revamped Lotte So I’m Loving You CF was released with new additions JaeChuSu?  That was the Korean version, and and this is the Japanese one.  Same commercial spot, a very different sound.  Both languages sound great to our ears, especially coming from Rain and our other favorite K-hunks.

Incidentally… I did have a terribly sad moment watching Park YongHa in this after his apparent suicide yesterday.  It’s just so awful.  You were tortured in life, but we hope you can rest in peace, YongHa.  See you at the Crossroads. 😦   — Stephe ^@@^


So I’m Loving You, Japanese version.  (credit: yulzaJP @YT)


As a tribute to an amazing actor (he blew me away in the K-drama A Man’s Story), here is the late Park YongHa making his Lotte Duty Free spot.  (courtesy of mankee1985)

~ by Cloud USA on June 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “Lotte’s still lovin’ us… in Japanese.”

  1. it very truly sad i am breaking apart from my first actor & singer i know park young ha before rain did i have his DVD winter santana and i hit me when i heard the breking new on 30th who succided himself he such a great perforamcer lot of love coming for him fans that well he leave behind he is such an ENTERTAINMENT give us many to se of him it is very such a tragic thast i was expected this happen at all T__T 😦 he is very sweet and care person i see his Mv AFTER LOVE couple it bring me what and how he sining in their when i listing to him my heart just hurt i want to crying so hard but instead it inside of me that very hurt and not just that also i see Ji Sub was a good friend of actor Park Yong Ha who tearing out from republic they r such a best firend to each other and his girlfirend and his mother fans are shering with tear. 😥
    and i agree terri Suicide should NEVER be your answer. NEVER NEVER EVER.


  2. This is truly sad, my heart goes out to those he loved and loved him may he rest peace, and if he did take his own life this makes it all the more sad its to bad he couldn’t get the help he needed to stay around. My deepest Respects


  3. Thank you, Stephe for this tribute to Park YongHa. My heart is utterly broken over his untimely death. My thoughts are especially with his loved ones, who were left behind to deal with this tragedy.

    We do not know yet if his death was caused by suicide, or if there were other mitigating circumstances. But to everyone out there listening to me, I just want to say, as I have said before–and hope I NEVER have to say again:

    I do not care how tired or tortured or miserable you are. Suicide should NEVER be your answer. NEVER NEVER EVER.



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