10 Responses to “[fan account] Rain Loves ZEPP from a New York point of view.”

  1. @cuckoo
    thank for sharing this amazing experince of rain it must been fun day of his concert and i know our prince is giving his best stage to his fans right love the fact he love playing with his fans and open himself to them as such more touching he get and fun it all wrot to be for rain i have no doud came to rain performs he just a blah person.


  2. lol Yes we are so jealous. Just curious, how much do his tickets go for over there? And how much were his tickets for his shows here in the U.S.?


    • For Legend of Rainism Yoyogi (this past April), they were $129. to around $200. For the Dream Concert in May, those tickets were less than $5. The Love Tour at Saitama Super Arena coming up in July will be about $129. as well.

      I think I remember Terri telling me that regular LoR Vegas tickets were around $125., but as we didn’t go, I’m not sure. Does anyone else recall Rain show ticket prices either here or abroad?

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Bi really loves his fans no matter what age, that’s good showman ship, and he seems to grow w his fans from 2002 era. I like the itimate performance he involves the audience, they know he’s fo’ real and his good soul touched them all and they go home feeling loved in a blessed way, okay i mean spiritual. reading the excerps i feel the love, aaaaww, 검은 비~평화 i’m blk rain, peace out.


  4. Thanks Cuckoo sounds like so much fun poor Bi he’s so gracious the mother thing I’m sure freaked him out a bit good thing he had stuff to put in her hands lol. MUCH LOVE!!


  5. Stephe,
    Yes,I am here zepping…haha! I will go Nagoya, Sendai and Sapporot. Hopefully I have more funny things may share with USA Cloud


  6. Thanks, Cuckoo, for sharing your experience with the world.

    We appreciate it greatly. (And we are very jealous…:-})

    Terri :-}


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