World Cup Updates: Day 15, Friday.

REALITYFIFA World Cup 2010

Portugal 0 — Brazil 0

Ivory Coast 3 — North Korea 0

Spain 2 — Chile 1

Switzerland 0 — Honduras 0

Well, that’s it for all groups, A through H, for Qualifying Round 1—time for Stage 2!  The US, South Korea, and Japan are among the 16 teams that have made it through.  It’s going to be a good fight with Argentina, Brazil, England, and powerhouse Germany in the mix.  Wow.  (I wish our US team had some kind of cool name.  South Korea has the Tae-Guk Warriors/Red Devils.  Japan has the Blue Samurai.  Team Mexico has a big game cat.  New Zealand has the All Blacks.  And we have the MNT… Men’s National Team.  “Go, All The Reds! Go, Blues!  Go—MNT?”  Kind of awkward, yeah.)

Today (Saturday) Team USA and Team S. Korea are both on the pitch against Ghana and Uruguay, respectively.  And that is NOT good, because looking at the play brackets, if they both win, they will be playing each other on July 2nd and the loser of that match will be eliminated.  Oh, how can this occur?  Terri, start crying now.  We are verklempt!


FANTASY:  MTV World Cup of Rock 2010

In Progress #2:  S. Korea (RAIN) 91% versus S. Africa (Dave Matthews) 9%

In Progress #1:  S. Korea (RAIN) 87% versus England (Coldplay) 13%

So far, so good.  We are happy campers.  You can check all of the other countries and their artists and ongoing match-ups HERE, in the MTV Newsroom Blog’s World Cup of Rock coverage.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on June 26, 2010.

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  1. Wow. That really sucks… Yeah, we definitely need a cooler name!


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