The Ultimate Generational Trio: Happy Birthday, Rain.

Thinking back on our favorite Rain performances of the past twelve months, one in particular stands out quite strongly—his “11 Days” live stage during the Legend of Rainism Tour.  Not only was it creative in and of itself, but it reminded us that 1) great minds do indeed think alike and 2) Rain is one smart cookie.  Like we said before.

In honor of his birthday, we give you what we fondly refer to as the Ultimate Generational Trio: Rain’s “11 Days”, Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” short film, and Fred Astaire in the popular 1953 movie The Band Wagon.  Three mega-icons, one great idea, down through history.  Club/bar scene, hot chicks, dress jackets, and fedoras.  We can only imagine what would have come out of these three men in one room together, talking for a while.

We also realize that Rain lost a precious idol on this day, one year ago.  RIP, Michael.

Enjoy this, Clouds.

— Stephe ^@@^ and Terri :-}


Rain, 2008 Legend of Rainism Tour. (courtesy of miyuki6to5)

MJ, 1987 Smooth Criminal.  (courtesy of MJacksonHD)

Fred Astaire, 1953 The Band Wagon.  (courtesy of SophyaAgain)


~ by Cloud USA on June 25, 2010.

7 Responses to “The Ultimate Generational Trio: Happy Birthday, Rain.”

  1. Happy Birthday Rain!!! Hope your day is full of joy!!!


  2. Happy Birthday Jihoon! I wish you much happiness and even more success. I hope your day is filled with health, love, and joy. Saranghae!


  3. Happy Birthday Rain!!


    jung ji hoom wish u contuine to be best at your motto life sucess and more dicated to world of acomplish with drean come true and stay healthy enjoy yourself to the fullest and keep up the hardworker for us and thanjk u for the imsoiration of u clouds will alway touch and suporting and love forever every monment of life rain


  5. wowowo thank for the vedio i very apporicated the share yeah i remeber rain back performs 2008 and i never get tried watching his vid i mean i can goes on all day eheheh and the The Band Wagon. are amazing put i love the vedio it make me enjoy it 🙂


  6. 생일 축하 정지훈 Happy B’day Ji-Hoon, i hope i got that right: this clips for you 비 – The first part of my day went to you, now he has the other enjoy. love 검은 비~평화 I’m out!


  7. Happy brithday Jihoon


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