The Ninja Assassin soundtrack: Check it out.

There have been several questions concerning songs on the Ninja Assassin OST lately, and we’re just now realizing we don’t have that information anywhere on the WebBlog.  Oh, the shame of it!  We must correct that immediately! 🙂

This info is now included on our Discography 2009-2010 page.  We have also included an order link over to the right, down in our blog sidebar.  And we have a taste of the music over on our NINJA ASSASSIN page.

NINJA ASSASSIN: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (various artists)
Original release date: 11/23/2009
Label: New Line Records
2009 Warner Bros. Entertainment

1. Ninja Assassin · Ilan Eshkeri · 6:17
2. Training · Ilan Eshkeri · 6:35
3. Kiriko Runs · Ilan Eshkeri · 2:26
4. Mika’s Apartment · Ilan Eshkeri · 4:43
5. First Kill · Ilan Eshkeri · 1:26
6. Skyscraper Rain · Ilan Eshkeri · 3:24
7. Escape from Safehouse · Ilan Eshkeri · 6:30
8. Healing · Ilan Eshkeri · 5:14
9. Soldiers Attack · Ilan Eshkeri · 3:15
10. Raizo Vs Ozunu/Freedom · Ilan Eshkeri · 7:09
11. Being Boiled (2003 Digital Remaster) · The Human League · 4:17
12. Heroes/Helden (2001 Digital Remaster) · David Bowie · 6:03
13. Shazam! · Spiderbait · 2:06
14. The MC Remix · Ryuzo · 3:56
15. Legacy [Explicit] · Raekwon feat. Xzibit & Murs · 3:45

You can purchase the soundtrack as an audio CD, or as an mp3 album, or as individual mp3 tracks.  You can also listen to the songs on site.


The NA soundtrack only has about half the songs from the movie on it.  The reelsoundtrack blog has an informative write-up on the subject, as well as all of the extra music and their download links.  We liked this.

» Read the reelsoundtrack blog on the sounds of Ninja Assassin HERE.

Shazam! by Spiderbait.  (courtesy of ANIMALfaceless)

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on June 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “The Ninja Assassin soundtrack: Check it out.”

  1. Woe is me. How could we have been so remiss? Thank you, Stephe, for remedying this situation. :-}

    Love the soundtrack, btw.

    Terri :-}


  2. Lotus… I do believe what you were asking about is The MC Remix, by Ryuzo.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • Yes thank you, and to Lotus, I wasn’t ignoring you but when Stephe said she was doing a post on the soundtrack I figured she knew A LOT more about what she was doing. lol


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