[sticky] World Cup Updates: Day 11, Monday.

REALITY: FIFA World Cup 2010

Portugal 7 — North Korea (DPR) 0

Chile 1 — Switzerland 0

Spain 2 — Honduras 0

OUCH, North Korea… my goodness.  South Korea will be on the pitch today (Tuesday), against Nigeria.  C’mon, Tae-Guk Reds!


FANTASY: MTV World Cup of Rock 2010

Today’s match-ups were Argentina versus Italy, and Brazil versus Spain.  As the votes seem to be counted beyond a single day, it will be more efficient to report these outcomes sometime tomorrow.

» Rain/S. Korea (87% of the vote) versus Coldplay/England (13% of the vote) FINAL

Our man hasn’t been up on the MTV Newsroom Blog since this first successful match-up, so you know MTV is about ready to throw him into another one… watch out.

» Cloud Wakkitakki’s (aka arashi) World Cup of Rock questions and concerns thread over on the MTV Discussion board.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on June 22, 2010.

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