[fan account] Rain’s first Love ZEPP Tokyo hall concert.

Credit: swisschoco @soompi / Courtesy of ratoka @rainHK

Hey guys! I just got back from Zepp and it was AMAZING! He did all of his famous hits, including hip song and love song.

The venue was pretty small and I managed to squeeze into the front 3rd of the floor. He danced and sang excellently and had a translator translate what he said in Korean. He mostly spoke Korean but did say a few things in Japanese.

Highlights: During one of his costume changes, the sheer curtain fell over the stage with a light behind him so you could see his silhouette (sorry sp?…) and he took off his cuffs and shirt and started unbuttoning his pants, when he was like ‘haha fooled you’ and ran off stage to finish changing.  He also used a hand camera to film the crowd and then pick out a fan who got to go up [on] stage and he sang to her while sitting next to her…so jealous.  The ending was REALLY energetic and everyone was jumping around screaming ‘jung ji hoon’ and they release some balloons that the front half (myself included) managed to grab. They were only selling some of the goods…Some hadn’t come in yet.

No pics or video allowed [so] sorry for the lack of fancams. [Jihoon] oppa is amazing, going from sexy to cute and back to sexy. His facial expressions are so much fun to watch!  The only annoying bit was that the stage was pretty low so people couldn’t really see below his waist, but I guess what counts is that we got to see him so who cares really.  Can’t wait to go tomorrow night again!  Just wanted to add that there were quite a few guy fans. The guy next to me was such a fan boy…he [knew] all of the lyrics to the songs.

— swisschoco

Love the part about the silhouette tease. You know everybody was screaming like they were going to see something… hahaha!  And the fan boys.  I think I would have paid to see that.  😉

Thanks so much for sharing this, swisschoco and ratokta.  — Stephe ^@@^

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~ by Cloud USA on June 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “[fan account] Rain’s first Love ZEPP Tokyo hall concert.”

  1. So so jealous!


  2. I wish that I could have been there.


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