World Cup Updates: Day 10, Sunday.

[*ETA: Wakkitakki (aka arashi) has stated her concerns about MTV World Cup of Rock inconsistencies and started a thread to address them over on the MTV Discussion Board.  Have a look.  Do any of you have concerns as well?  My main irritation is the fact that there is no clear cut-off for matches.  When are they no longer “live” and the scores final?  And quite frankly, I would have a better time at MTV if I could GET LOGGED ON when I LOG ON.  What is up with that?

Somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.  ^@@^]

REALITY:  FIFA World Cup 2010

Paraguay 2 — Slovakia 0

Italy 1 — New Zealand 1

Brazil 3 — Ivory Coast 1

Reminder:  South Korea’s next match is tomorrow, on the 22nd, and Team USA will take the field again on the 23rd.


FANTASY:  MTV World Cup of Rock 2010

The Rain/S. Korea (87% of the vote) versus Coldplay/England (13% of the vote) match-up held steady at that score all weekend, so this may be the final.  The MTV Newsroom Blog also took its weekend break, so posts should start flying fast and furious over there sometime today (Monday).  I have an event that I must attend this afternoon, and Terri has an appointment as well… so keep an eye on MTV, Clouds.  Just in case.

Did everyone have a nice weekend?

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on June 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “World Cup Updates: Day 10, Sunday.”

  1. My twitter account got action from mtvnews but no answers. The person asked me to let them know what the issue was with the contest. o_0 I’d only been tweeting them all weekend asking the same ? in different ways. But I was nice & gave them the link to the thread that I (arashi) started. I’ve not heard another word from them since *sigh* I think MTV is not accustomed to being held accountable. I do appreciate your support!


  2. Awe, he’s not too bad. Actually I love the little bugger. And my little sister. I’ll be interested to see how they turn out as they grow up. It should make for good comedic ideas for my books.

    Yes, busy at home is the dream! Much better than being gone and wishing you were home. Thank you for keeping up with the blog! Thanks for making it in the first place!


  3. Little brothers can be fun… sort of… LOL

    My weekend was busy, but at least I was busy at home.

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. My weekend was comical *as my little brother bonks me on the head with the empty sprite bottle*.
    How was yours?


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