Rain greets us from the Fugitive set.

Money Today’s Star News is reporting that Rain began Fugitive filming on a closed set near Hongik University today.  And that though the location was shrouded in secrecy, a few fans still managed to come upon the scene, and watched him work from a distance.  [Does that surprise anyone at all, someone managing to find him?  Not me. — ^@@^]

He will be shooting part of the new drama in Japan, a convenience seeing as he’ll be all over the island country for his ZEPP Summer Love Tour, starting on June 22nd.

(Thanks to rain bird and Rain Europe for this information.)


Rain sent a video message, from the Fugitive set, to all of his Clouds and fans across the world today via the official Cloud Fan Site. Check out his detective hair.  We figured he was growing those bangs long for a reason, right? 🙂

(courtesy of ratoka @rainHK)

(brief translation by rain bird)

Hello, this is Rain.

Are you Clouds getting along well?

I’m shooting a drama.  You can expect to see the drama as quickly as possible, which I believe is meant as your big present.

In particular, thanks [for] the [mic stands] as gifts from you during my activities with ‘Love Song’, [because of that] I could finish work successfully.  I’m really thankful for your support.

It’s hot these days.  Please take good care of yourself.

And, Clouds in China, I’m sorry I cannot pay a visit very often, but wherever I am, I think of you.  Cheer up!  I think I’ll give a lot of performances as part of my concert tour even in China soon.  Please love me a lot, and be healthy.

I love all the Cloud fans in Asia, furthermore, even in the world, as well as in Japan.

Hope you to be healthy.

~ by Cloud USA on June 15, 2010.

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