Lotte’s still lovin’ us.

If there were two... what would we do?

As you recall, last year Lotte Duty Free got Rain and nearly all of our favorite K-hunks together for their cute and snazzy new commercial spot, “So I’m loving you.”

Recently, more maleness has been added (JaeChuSu, or JYJ) and the project re-released (thanks, allkpop, for the tip!).   So enjoy revisiting just how much Lotte’s still lovin’ us with Rain, Big Bang, and the rest of all that fineness.

They sure know how to get a woman into a shopping mall.

— Stephe ^@@^


New Lotte Duty Free “So I’m loving you” FULL version.  (courtesy of Leeya28)

Rain’s making of the “So I’m loving you” campaign and CF version, from our Commercial Spots page.  (courtesy of naomama625)

“So I’m Loving You” campaign 2009. Big Bang (to Rain): “Why are you so late?”  Rain: “I stopped by Lotte Duty Free.”  Big Bang gets all excited about that and jumps up to go shopping.  LOL!  From our Commercial Spots page.  (courtesy of  MunPhoenix)

~ by Cloud USA on June 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “Lotte’s still lovin’ us.”

  1. Double the pleasure for sure! MUCH LOVE!!


  2. @terri
    me me em!!!
    i want to goes shopping buy all rain lotte duty and put him in my pocket carries him everywhere we goes that why i am so attrctive with these guy yes me so” i”m loving you to rain oh la la !!!


  3. So, I’m loving you. So, I’m loving you…la la la la la la la!

    Oh…sorry. Got carried away there…

    Anybody wanna go shopping???

    Terri :-}


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