[Cloud USA editorial] Please tell us there’s going to be another dance-off! LOL!

[ *ETA:  We have heard the sad cries of our UK Cloud sisters, who cannot watch Colbert Nation videos on Comedy Central due to licensing problems and non-renewed contracts between CN and UK broadcasters from back in 2009, and we have emailed CC in hopes that, after all this time, a resolution can be found.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask, right? ^@@^ ]

[Cloud USA] Oh, we are beside ourselves.  Heheheheh!  Our favorite humorist and all-around good guy Stephen Colbert is pretending to call out “arch-nemesis” Rain yet again, for winning another round in their “turf war” (MTV snubbed Colbert but good.  Awwww!).

He had us cracking up so with his “devastated weeping.”  He just can’t get a leg up on our Ji-Hoon.  He just can’t!  Poor man.  ROFL!

Oh PLEASE let this lead to another dance-off.  C’mon Rain, get your butt over here and answer the challenge.  You can take him.  Or… maybe this time Colbert will step into Rain’s territory for an Ozunu Showdown In Seoul, and have to dance or raizo his way back out of Korea alive.  Hilarious.  “RAIN…!  You may have won this round, but I’m still ahead in lexicography!”  ROFL!

Hopefully there is no one still out there who doesn’t realize this is all in good fun. (Yes, people have actually argued over this subject like a bunch of fools.)   Colbert admires Rain as an amazing talent, and they are actually quite chummy.

“He had came on the show and did his dance, like BANG. Knocked it out.  We were all just dazzled.  It was incredible to be in the presence of someone who clearly was so talented and had dedicated themselves so completely to their art.  It really was like, ‘Oh, I’m in the presence of a master.’” — Stephen Colbert, Discovery Channel‘s Hip Korea: Seoul Vibes – Jihoon Jung documentary, broadcast March 2009

Rain’s sense of humor is as crazy as Colbert’s and he got a real kick out of the 2008 Dance-off.  If we know these two as well as we think we do, they will collaborate and have us laughing with this “feud” for a good while yet.

» It can’t be!  RAINNNNNNNN…!  He’s at it again.  “Who’s not honoring me now?”  From the Colbert Nation site.

» The Rain-Colbert May 2008 dance-off.  Rain is all Raizo’d up and getting ready to film NINJA ASSASSIN, and Colbert isn’t bad at all in the dance department.

— by Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com

Enjoy this fan made video that condenses the Rain-Colbert dance-off and also goes WAY back in the day, to when Rain was welcomed to the city of Tokyo by a popular Japanese reporter and one of their mascots.  And had side-splitting exploits on Korean TV.  (courtesy of tamuditakko / music:  Rain’s Fung Fu Fighting remake for the Kung Fu Panda original soundtrack)

~ by Cloud USA on June 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “[Cloud USA editorial] Please tell us there’s going to be another dance-off! LOL!”

  1. , Stephen are so funny who making me ROFL actually he very sweet and hairlious to mention rain in the topic who would love his showbizz he plug rain in their his poplution well contiune on and thank to MR. Colbert for have such intention about rain here i even leave him a thread to have hiom comeback for showsown dance-off of HIP SONG or Love SONG really he should see more refquencey i belive he well copright rain another ROFL mv just like he did in AFTS.


  2. How can you not love the guy? He is hilarious. Clouds, leave your comments at his site and thank him for giving Rain more US exposure on his show. I hope he invites Rain for another dance off and this time, what about the Love Song dance. =)
    Here’s the link: http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/312499/june-14-2010/who-s-not-honoring-me-now—-tonys—mtv-movie-awards


  3. ROFL,

    That was SO funny….*Terri wiping tears of laughter away*.

    Oh, please, Stephen. PLEASE say you will do it! PLEASE go to Seoul and have a Ninja show-down with Rain. Pretty pretty please?????

    Ouchy Ouchy Ouch ouch! Laughing so hard I hurt myself…

    Terri :-}


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