Raizo and Mika: If I could be your angel.

This wonderful fan made video (*uncut: all gore intact) shows how NINJA ASSASSIN’s Raizo and Mika saved other’s lives time and time again.  They are, in effect, each other’s guardian angel.  You made my night, nique271—well done.  “Disrespect my man… you gon have to come see me.”  Enjoy this, Clouds.  I certainly did. 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

If I Could Be Your Angel montage, credit and edit: nique271 @YouTube.

~ by Cloud USA on June 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “Raizo and Mika: If I could be your angel.”

  1. I had so many dirty thoughts watching that movie. Rain was so fine. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Lol.


  2. so nice, i had to fav this and leave a thank you for a great vid.

    thanks for sharing Steph.


  3. This is great. This man is so sexy that I sometimes just have a string of unladylike expletives run through my mind. Me goodness *fans away the heat* 😀


  4. awesome vid i am impress by they put together this is waht very encorage of this flim is and i love how the song fit so perfect to is he angle of this ninja he can protect me 24/7 eheheheh 🙂 well doen with the fanmade. me too i have this song my i-pod too (Natasha bedgafiled)


  5. Very nicely done!!! I actually have this song on my ipod such a lovely song!!! Great work!!!


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