The Rumor Mill is in full grind.

Not a happy camper.

Asian source Money Today’s Star News has reported that, at an official press conference at around 2:45 pm yesterday afternoon in Seoul, J.Tune announced that the rumors of a romance between Rain and actress Jun Ji-Hyun are completely false.

J.Tune went on to say that Rain has only seen Ji-Hyun in a business capacity, when she was being considered for his new drama Fugitive, and that they are acquainted, and that the additional rumor that a person of considerable wealth (of a Korean conglomerate) introduced them is yet another falsehood.  He has been seen going in and out of the I-Park apartment complex, where Ji-Hyun lives, because an acquaintance of his also lives there.

J.Tune continued by speaking on the so-called “evidence” and said that the photographs in question were composites of individual shots of Rain and Ji-Hyun spliced together.  The representative also reminded everyone that Rain had already explained his Cartier rings earlier in the year (which he did, that they represented his familial bonds) and that he is sorely pissed right now.

J.Tune concluded by saying that, for their false reports and the damage to Rain’s privacy, the Daily Sports Seoul just might find themselves sued with a quickness.

(Thanks to rain bird and Rain Europe for this information.)

That’s what happens when you’re so darned desperate to get a story on someone.  Why won’t people just let the man reveal the things he wants to reveal when he’s ready to reveal them?  Trying to imagine being a celebrity and going through this kind of stuff, regardless of whether I’ve done what they’ve said or not, gives me a headache!

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on June 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “The Rumor Mill is in full grind.”

  1. WOW!I’m so late to this party hahaha! SORRY JiHoon! This is the second time I’ve scene a pissed look on your face,first time last nite while voting on family members computer I like to see BI’s interview’s myself instead of second or third hand info after all it’s his life,anyway it was one for ninja assassination with some Griffith guy I think,the guy was an ass he kept asking poor BI the same dumb question in different ways and BI had a translator there, omg BI was so gracious!I don’t think the translator even got it,and this guy was laughing,BI you truly need someone in your corner I would have been CUT! That’s it your done! And I hope he did sue the person’s responsible for the crap about this lady! But I knew this would happen and worse just stand your ground JiHoon and any body that really cares about you will only believe in you,like I said it’s your LIFE!!


  2. I honestly have no idea why the Korean media is making such a big deal about whether or not he is dating anybody in the first place. I just don’t get it.

    Why is is SO wrong for a grown man and a grown woman to date anyway? Because he was there so late and might have had sex with somebody? GASP.

    Good grief. Aren’t they both of consenting age in Korea? Or is there some “no sex ever ever ever except to procreate” law that I don’t know about?

    It boggles my mind that this matters at ALL. And it makes me loopy when I think that anyone considers this scandalous.

    Korean media. GET A FREAKIN’ GRIP.

    Terri 😐 (OK, my rant is over…)


  3. not to metion that invaded his privacy in buiness but they seeme to happen all the time esp when it come to good new and figure that they always have to found some reason to accuse rain that r so wrong and i very don”t like korean law and life style over their some seeme to be fade out the blues not and the darkness knowing what they doing all just come out with such a lame how would this accrued the hole republic pirvacy of rain if they could stop form any point of him korean should unstapples these and get with what reaily going now instead have nothing to do and went after rain they could never know what rain been threw who work so hatd so much for korean but i gues they was layality of japan then honoest to these i don”t like korean treat rain like a trush they should know better even KBS try to put rain down too.
    and i agree that rain should sued his pirvacy tech these media news a lesson and stop invated of him gessssssssssss


  4. Perhaps there are no laws to protect people’s right to happiness and privacy.. Pursuit of happiness…is one of the original basic laws for us..but it is forever dis regarded by the press..there must be a law somewhere to insure the privacy act… anyone know about this…if not laws should be made to protect our LIVING TREASURES , artists, musicians, writers , and all of the ARTS in the creative field from being exploited as if they are public property. I think all these years the powers in charge were aware of using the arts to their is time for the Artists and Musicians to be honored for their contribution to humanity. where do we start on this?????One way is to begin to feed the MATRIX of consciousness on these areas…
    It takes only a few to establish this matrix for the rest of humanity to rise their thinking and elevate the consciousness of the rest of humanity…this is based on the 100th monkey theory. check it out.


  5. Arg, this happens to often – wish they would just leave it alone but they never will *hugs him* right after his happyness over getting the award they have fudging great timing don’t they? grrrrrr he should sued the pants of the annoying guys


  6. and he deleted all the tweets from his twitter account.. i think his going to delete his account… 😦


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