Rain’s MTV odyssey covered by tvN.

In this tvN Entertainment News spot, the studio hosts were delighted as they watched Rain on the Gibson Amphitheater stage live, and seem enthralled with what he has accomplished.  The footage briefly chronicles Rain’s journey from Incheon Airport outside of Seoul, to having the Golden Popcorn statuette in his hand.

*Male studio host: “… biggest, badass star, yeah.” 🙂

That long, leisurely stroll Rain took through the MTV audience was quite effective.  You could almost “hear” the women gawking at him.  Er… WHO IS THAT?  You know how it when you see an amazing piece of hotness and you don’t want to move or blink… you just want to stare and take him all in.  Even Paris and her peeps were looking at Rain like he was a freshly smoked ham bone.  Ha.

There are celebrities and people in the industry here who know very well who Rain is—you don’t walk a Time 100 Red Carpet and make two Hollywood movies and not come away with quite a few contacts in the bargain.  (During his ComicCon visit, there was RAINY DAY footage of him hitching a ride on somebody’s private plane and casually conversing with Jeremy Piven and Idris Elba during the trip.)  But Sunday night’s exposure was up close and personal for a lot of Americans who hadn’t noticed him yet.  We’re pretty sure he’s been Googled up the wazzoo by now. 🙂  —  Stephe ^@@^

Credit: vid source & upload by rainmaker / onlyone0625 @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on June 8, 2010.

One Response to “Rain’s MTV odyssey covered by tvN.”

  1. I hope his winning helps him gain popularity in the U.S. market!!!


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