Rain’s deep appreciation, and departure time.

[ *ETA: After I took a few moments to calculate the time properly, I realized it would be today because Rain lost a day coming over so he certainly had to gain it back.  But due to technical difficulties, I’m only now able to correct my post. Thanks for your comments, ladies! I hope no one was inconvenienced. ]

Here are a few things for all Clouds, directly from Rain’s official website.  (Thanks to rain bird and Rain Europe for this information and brief translation.)  We are under the impression that this means his flight departs from LAX on Tuesday Monday afternoon at 12:30 pm Pacific.  — Stephe ^@@^

NOTICE #308, 6/7/10: Hello, this is Cloud Master.

Here is the notice about Rain’s arrival time. [in Seoul]

June 8 (Tue)

LA(LAX) → Incheon (ICN)

KE018 12:30~17:00+1

Thank you.


PHOTO: Hello, this is Cloud master.

I guess all of you know about the news of Rain’s winning the MTV Movie Award.

I was contacted by Rain in LA a short time ago, and he said,

“I’m so happy. Thanks to the support all of you have shown, I could win the award. I’ll try to make you proud to be Rain’s fans.

When I was receiving the award, I was so nervous that I lost my speech. Sorry to have left out my appreciation of your help.”

Once again, congratulations on Rain’s winning the award.

~ by Cloud USA on June 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Rain’s deep appreciation, and departure time.”

  1. Not Tuesday departure.
    It is Tuesday arrival at Seoul, departure from LAX on Monday (today) at 12:30 pm PST. In fact, he has already departed from LAX, on the way back home!


  2. Stephe – I believe he departed today at 12:30 p.m. not tomorrow. It is that pesky time zone thing. Michelle, me & some others were up late trying to figure it out :p This is what we came up with:

    Flight: KE 018 (Korean Air)

    Depart: Los Angeles International Apt 7 Jun 12:30
    Arrive: Seoul Incheon International Airport 8 Jun 17:25
    Aircraft: 77W Stops: Non-Stop
    Click Here for Details Travel Time: 12hrs 55mins


    Seemed to match up with the info from official site.


  3. We R already proud of such star like U. I so proud to say that Im a FAN Rain… I could tatoo ur name just to let all the world know that I support U!!
    Keep up….


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