Today is the day. He’s on his way!

Rain will be here in a few hours and some change, so we hope you all are either at LAX or on your way there!  In the meantime, here is some good reading from news source TV Report.  It’s about to start storming in Cali!

Rain to leave for LA on the 3rd to attend 2010 MTV Movie Awards ceremony

TV REPORT 6/3/2010 — Rain has officially been asked to attend 2010 MTV Movie Awards ceremony to be held in LA’s ‘Gibson Amphitheatre’ on the 6th, USA, and will leave for LA on the afternoon of the 3rd.  Rain has earned a MTV Award nomination for his performance in Ninja Assassin for Best Ass Kicking Star, and ‘Angelina Jolie’, ‘Channing Tatum’, etc. including Rain are competing for the award.

According to his agent, he’ll probably have a good chance of winning as he’s been officially asked to attend the awards ceremony, “The public is filled with more anticipation about his winning than ever, and the reaction of US officials is also very good.”

As Rain made a splendid achievement of winning three awards, ‘the Best International Entertainer’, ’10 Outstanding Asians in Hollywood’, and ‘Asian Cultural Ambassador of the Year’ in 2010 Green Planet Movie Awards in USA, all eyes are on whether he can win a MTV Movie Award.

Meanwhile, Rain finished his activities with his special album and plans to focus on preparing his concert in Japan after his visit to MTV Movie Awards ceremony.

(Thanks to rain bird @rain-eu. for this information and brief translation.  Credit:, TV REPORT)

Our Ji-Hoon is in the air as we speak!  — Stephe ^@@^ 12:46 pm EST

~ by Cloud USA on June 3, 2010.

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