Fresh list: Cool K-commercials for 2010.

Here are the most recent K-celeb CFs airing on Korean TV as we speak, all compiled by super YouTuber CodeMonmon on May 24th.  The entertainers we recognize right away are:

Kim Shin-Young (SK-Telecom World)
Lee Min-Ho (Banana Milk)
Daniel Henney (Outback Steakhouse)
Shin Min-Ah (Mise en Scène Style)
Rain and Park Ji-Sung (大…한민!국! “Dae…han-min!-guk!”)
Rain and Kim Hye-Soo (Samsung Life)
Rain (SK800 WPhone)
U-Kiss (Vons chicken)
Taecyeon (You are DK)
2 PM (Clinical Skin sunblock)
SNSD (Cooky phone)
SNSD (roast chicken)
SNSD (Biotherm)
SNSD and 2PM (Caribbean Bay)

We did miss some faces, so feel free to fill in our blanks.  Which commercial spot is your favorite?  Enjoy!  — Stephe ^@@^

CF Package #19. Credit & edit: monmonsnowHD @YT.

~ by Cloud USA on June 2, 2010.

One Response to “Fresh list: Cool K-commercials for 2010.”

  1. shin min ah it´s so beautiful!! very pretty


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