[CloudUSA Exclusive] Rain’s Hip Song Scores a Mention in MTV News!

[ *ETA: A big shout-out and word-up to wakkitakki @RL, for starting the original Summer Jams thread at MTV asking fans to write in Hip Song.  Great job! ]

Hello Lovely Clouds,

I’ve got some exciting news for you…hot off the presses!

Not only did Rain land a final nomination in the 2010 MTV Movie Awards for Biggest Badass Star, but he also scored a BIG mention in MTV.com’s news yesterday.  According to their posted article, Rain received lots of write-in votes during their Summer Jams 2010 Poll for Hip Song, one of the tracks from his recently released special album:  Back to the Basic.  There were enough write-in votes to grab MTV’s attention and cause them to write about Rain, anyway, which can only be a very good thing for him, in my humble opinion.

Although Lady Gaga’s song Alejandro ultimately won the poll, with Katy Perry’s California Gurls coming in a close second, it was still nice to see Rain’s music being mentioned again on MTV.com—and in an extremely positive way.

[ But of all the wild cards, none got more attention than “Hip Song,” the latest single from Korean pop sensation Rain (of “Ninja Assassin” fame). The track — which appears in the trailer to the upcoming film “The Karate Kid” … got all manner of endorsements from die-hard fans who bombarded the comments section…. ]

The entire article, where you can read Rain’s headline, is on MTV News here:

Rain, Drake Score Summer Songs 2010 Write-In Votes

The actual poll article, where people were able to submit write-in votes is here: MTV News’ Summer Jams 2010 Poll

The results are final and the poll is now closed, but if you’d care to read them, there are over 900 comments that were submitted while the poll was going on.  Most of the comments are about Gaga and Perry, but many of them also mention Rain and Hip Song.

The poll’s final results can be found here: MTV News’ Summer Jams 2010 Poll Results

Although, Rain didn’t score a finalist’s position in or win the poll, we are excited that he has received this additional attention from fans in the U.S. and recognition from MTV, especially for Hip Song, which we think is terrific.

If you’d like to have a listen to Hip Song, check it out in The Karate Kid promotional music video below, which was produced for Korean audiences:



Hip Song (2010 Rain Special Album ‘Back To The Basic’).  The Karate Kid (2010) Official Korean MV  (video credit: DC / courtesy of scorpiolabibi @YT)

Cloud USA sends its congratulations to Rain and wishes all of his Clouds many more Rainy days!

by Terri @cloudusa.wordpress.com :-}

~ by Cloud USA on June 2, 2010.

8 Responses to “[CloudUSA Exclusive] Rain’s Hip Song Scores a Mention in MTV News!”

  1. At the bottom of the article they seem to ask for more suggestions for summer songs, right? So I don’t think it is too late to add our comments under the article endorsing Hip Song as the top summer song.


  2. Huahhh… I’m so happy and proud… Love you guys “Clouds ❤ Rain"


  3. And commenter 1_2_bucklemyshoe added this endorsement of the track: “It makes all these others sound like lullaby baby songs.”

    Ha ha ha!! I JUST LOVE this comment!!! I bet fans of other singers coming across this comment most probably pouted or banged their heads on the computer screens !!!!

    Rain!!! A BIG CONGRATULATION to you again!!!! What else you can’t achieve ???


  4. i didn’t even know about this poll…wish i had. i would have voted like crazy to get him listed. but hey, this is a goooooood thing. congrats Bi.


  5. So happy, i hope Rain will get more positive feedback from US audience..


  6. go, clouds – we made some noise for rain! seriously – we are awesome 😀


  7. I’m about to die here! Seriously LOL


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