J.Tune Camp has a new home.

Directly from Rain’s official website:

[May-29-2010]<notice from rain-jihoon> J.Tune Camp’s new address.

Hello, this is J.Tune Camp. Please note J.Tune Camp’s change of address due to its movement to a new location. J.Tune Camp’s new address :

J.Tune Camp

Kangnam-gu Samsung-dong 146-7

1-dong The 5th F.

Seoul, the Republic of Korea (South Korea)

(서울시 강남구 삼성동 146-7 1동 5층 제이튠캠프 앞)

(brief translation by rain bird)

As we understand it, the two previous addresses for J.Tune Enterprises and J.Tune Creative (both offices were simply on different floors of the same building) no longer apply.  Please make note, so that your birthday cards and wishes to Rain make it to their destination.

— Stephe ^@@^

[ *ETA 6/1: The address probably makes more sense in US terms when put this way:

정지훈 (Jung Ji-Hoon) or 비 (Bi) or RAIN
J.Tune Camp
146-7 Samsung-dong
Building 1, 5th Floor
Seoul, South Korea

Thanks, Cloud sister. ]

~ by Cloud USA on May 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “J.Tune Camp has a new home.”

  1. Now someone map quest it so I can find it and deliver the gifts you send.


  2. Thnx for the tranlation cuckoo, it would have come back…lol


  3. Per my understanding, the J.Tune Camp’s new address probably should translate in English as:

    146-7 Samsung-dong, Kangnam-gu, 5/F., Building #1, Seoul, South Korea.


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