A martial arts movie (and weapon) custom built for its phenom star.

Written by Stephe Thornton, Managing Editor ^@@^

[Cloud USA] Raizo’s weapon in NINJA ASSASSIN was created especially for Rain—did you know that?  It’s true.  It didn’t exist.

I was reading an extensive article on a serious CGI website about how NA producer James McTeigue’s vision was brought to life by his production crew, from start to finish, when he mentioned that (and I paraphrase) he wanted Raizo’s ninja weapon to be new and unique, not the usual ninja tool, though the movie was an homage to Master Sho’s era.  He wanted it to be an extension of Raizo himself, something alive and flowing and undulating, with a snakelike quality to it.  All of the authentic weapons, while quite lethal, had drawbacks to them (for instance, a rope dart and a whip didn’t look lethal enough for the film, and the usual rawhide length of a shoge could be quickly cut by a sword).  And so presto, chango… you switch out an element, take the best of one and combine it with the best of another, and you get Raizo’s bladed steel chain with its unusual knife.

Now that is the kind of creativity that makes an interesting character really stand out.  And of course, Rain rose to the occasion and learned how to use the thing, once they gave him a prototype of it, in record time.

Recently, thacker at the Martial Arts Blog posted a brief review of NINJA ASSASSIN and the myriad of weapons used on screen, and made note that Raizo’s bladed chain was a version of a ninja shoge (or kyoketsu-shogei).  » That review is HERE, and an introduction to » a shoge, for those who have never read about one, is HERE.

Back when NINJA ASSASSIN was premiering, the 30Ninjas Blog put up an amazing post that detailed the invention of the bladed chain for Rain, and how well he delivered on his free-running stunts six stories up on set.  » You can read 30Ninjas’ extensive interview with NA stunt coordinator Chad Stahelski HERE.  You gotta love a martial arts movie that’s custom built for its star because of his talent, not past glory. Wow.

Though my son and I haven’t been in the dojo for a long time, all things martial (in the real world and the pretend world on the Big Screen) will never fail to catch my eye or intrigue me.  How lucky did I get, that Rain’s first lead role here in the US was that of a ninja?  S-w-e-e-t.

by Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com

~ by Cloud USA on May 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “A martial arts movie (and weapon) custom built for its phenom star.”

  1. Ninja awesomness live and feel the power of the ninja in Ninja Assassins


  2. I think this is the best movie if all time is terrific


  3. boy, did he master THAT weapon…amazing!!


  4. Even when filthy, covered in blood and being rained on….RAIN is still the sexiest man alive.


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