Hey now, hey now… don’t say it’s over (#3).

[Cloud USA] And so here we are, Clouds, at that moment we’ve been both anticipating and dreading a bit—Rain’s final B2TB comeback stage on today’s MBC Music Core.  And I am telling you, they didn’t call this a Special Goodbye Stage for nothing! In fact, it gave new meaning to the word “special” in my book.

We were black-on-black buttoned-down, following the theme of the first two shows this week, but with a gray tuxedo blazer that Rain eventually discarded for one last go at his Rolling Abs.  And then, it was party time as Rain and Crew let us hear their collective hearts beat and suddenly busted out a full minute of one of the sexiest new dance flows I’ve ever seen.  Have mercy.  (I had been wondering why Hip Song and Love Song were slightly abbreviated… to make room for the new stuff.)

Enjoy this wonderful, bittersweet pill, fans!  The hair was flying and dancing (and not just Rain’s—ha) and, ever the dutiful leader, our Ji-Hoon graced one of his talented Crew with a final chance to shine.  That is so like him, isn’t it?

After the show, Rain had a mini-fanmeeting right outside MBC Ilsan Dream Center (his website gave notice yesterday that the meet would take place).  Pretty cool.  Ah well.  Now it’s on to the ZEPP and Saitama concerts, Fugitive filming, October album finalizations, and before all of that, MTV.

by Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com

Love Song, abbreviated and with New Dance Flow.  (courtesy of ratoka @YT)

Hip Song, abbreviated.  Rain and Sexy Crew close out the show.  (courtesy of ratoka @YT)


(credit: DC Rain Gallery)

(screen caps blog source: rain love & peace)

~ by Cloud USA on May 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “Hey now, hey now… don’t say it’s over (#3).”

  1. Simply STUNNING !! This man owns the stage and commands it like no other !! HE REALLY BELONGS TO THE STAGE !!!
    I don’t mind paying hefty ticket prices just to watch him performs LIVE !! Pray that I’ll get the chance again !!


  2. OMG HAWT and the glossey hair bouncing away

    i say Ooooo La la *thud*


  3. This was a great way to say goodbye. I loved these 2 performances and the new dance flow was out of this world!


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