Rain invited to the 2010 MTV Movie Awards?

News source Asia Economy reported on the 28th (Seoul time) that Rain has been invited to attend the 2010 MTV Movie Awards on June 6th, and that he has accepted the invitation.  As we understand it, J.Tune Entertainment stated today, “Rain has been invited from the head office of America’s biggest music channel MTV, so he’ll leave for LA on June 3rd in order to attend 2010 MTV Movie Awards.”

The MTV Movie Awards are in their 19th year, and are a compilation of fun and unusual accolades which have been voted on by many mainstream viewers.  (And that is what makes the award important—the Golden Popcorn statuette does represent what currently has the attention of young America, and also their parents.)

Rain’s portrayal of “Raizo” in the 2009 Warner Bros. movie NINJA ASSASSIN is what snagged him his nomination out of a page full of other hopefuls in the Biggest Badass Star category.  Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and others didn’t make the cut for the Final Five…

The awards ceremony will take place at the » Gibson Amphitheater.

(Thanks to rain bird and Rain Europe for this timely information!)

Gibson Amphitheater is located in Universal City, California, an unincorporated suburb right outside of Los Angeles.  The word on the street is Rain will be in the States for several days before and after the event, and if that is so, we imagine he will use that time wisely to reconnect with previous contacts, see his American representation, et cetera.  Get your umbrellas ready, California Clouds—it might be Raining on you really soon.  Start planning ahead, Clouds across the nation—Rain should not set foot in L.A. without a host of us there, along with our Cali sisters, to welcome him.  Let’s show him how much we care!

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on May 28, 2010.

7 Responses to “Rain invited to the 2010 MTV Movie Awards?”

  1. Yes, he is coming!!!!…hopefully he will not go back empty handed..ajaj aja BI!!!


  2. I WANT TO GO !!! AND SEE HIM T.T i live in san diego who want to go to LA !!! AND go to the hotel or something like that !!!


  3. Wooo hooooo! I am stoked!


  4. I can’t make it there this time, but thank you to all you Clouds who will be there to show support!


  5. also, they fixed the colors on his bio page: They are now MTV 2010 Movie Awards Blue!


  6. i hope he does go. That is awesome!


  7. Oh wow really?! That’s awesome, wish I lived in Cali lol.


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