[Cloud USA topic] To autoplay, or not to autoplay?

I haven’t made up my mind about this, Clouds… and I wanted to know what you all think before I do.

I’ve put a new MixPod in our WebBlog sidebar, so that you have automatic music the same way you do on the fan site. I prefer having it automatic, and you can pause it if you’re not in the mood for music the day you visit, and you can also pick and choose what you want to play from the drop-down playlist (look for the + plus sign)… but I also realize that not everyone is like me. So I’m asking the question here and around the Cloud USA community:

Do you prefer automatic music on a website, or simply playable music? Or does it not matter to you either way?

Differing opinions are welcome. Thanks for your time, everyone.

That is all.  — Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on May 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “[Cloud USA topic] To autoplay, or not to autoplay?”

  1. Definately auto play!!!…if you don’t wanted you can stop it or change it…if not you can just listen to what is playing….perfect!!


  2. I love Rain but no autoplay please!


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