[audio clip] Rain on MBC FM, w/English translation.

(video credit: DC / pics & vid courtesy of ratoka)

Original Kor→Eng & Hangeul transcription: Amy @CloudUSA
Loose English translation: Stephe @CloudUSA

Sin-dong : Have you ever spoken with a Hollywood star?

: 네. 뭐, 토크쇼에서 얘기를 좀 했는데, 사실은 좀 와전되어서 얘기가 나왔어요. 제가 탐크루즈를 만났었는데, 같은 에이전트에서 만나게 됐어요. CA라는 에이전트가 있는데, 거기서 만나서, 어, 저도 너무 떨리고, 정말 제가 어렸을 때부터 좋아했던 영화배우시고, 탑스타잖아요. 정말 전세계적으로 유명한. 만나서 제가 느낀 점은 정말 화면에서 느끼는 뭔가..그 아우라가 거기서도 느껴졌어요. 제가 조금 놀랬던 것은.. 키가.. 생각했던 것보다 조금 작으셔가지고..
RAIN : Yes. I spoke about that on another show, about Tom Cruise, and that’s become a problem now. When I met Tom Cruise, I was really shaken because he is a man I’ve respected since my childhood and he is a TOP star around the world. I felt some of the same impact that you feel from him on the screen. It was amazing. And actually, I was surprised by his height. He’s just a little bit shorter than I thought.

규리 : 생각보다…
Gyu-lee : little bit ~

: 네. 그래서 제가 조금 놀랬어요. 그런데 이 이야기가 어제 기사로 화재가 되었었는데..
RAIN : Yes, I was a little bit surprised. But, you know, this has become a problem. Yesterday that story was a news item (Tom Cruise’s height)…

신동 : 그렇죠…
Sin-dong : Yes, I know.

: 네, 그런데 그거 아니고요. 저는 뭐라 할까요.. 탐크루즈라는 사람을 만나고 전 세계적으로 유명한 사람인데, 저를 잘 모를텐데도 불구하고, 일단은 레인이라고 먼저 악수를 하려고 하더라구요. 저는 그때 말이 안나와서 악수를 하고 같이 유연한 척, 굉장히 당연한 척, 창피하지 않으려고…
RAIN : That [story] was not [completely] true. Actually, I thought he was so kindhearted. Even though he’s world-famous, and he didn’t know me, he offered his hand first. Such a kindhearted gesture. At that moment, I felt shaken and couldn’t say anything, but I pretended to be mature and not overwhelmed. I pretended to act like a star.

신동 : 하하하하하
Sin-dong : hahahahaha

: 그런데 안면 윤곽의 근육들이 굉장히 떨리더라구요.
RAIN :But actually I was so shaken that the muscles in my face were tensed up.

신동 : 그런거죠. 맞아요. 처음으로 비싼 음식점에 가면 메뉴판을 보고 깜짝 놀랍니다. 하지만 아닌척 하려고.. “음…쯧…” 뭐 요런 느낌이겠죠.
Sin-dong : hahaha. I know what you mean.  When people first visit a high-priced restaurant, they’re shocked at the prices on the menu.  But they pretend to not be shocked.  When I experienced that, I said, “Umm…Okay…” with the muscles in my face tensed up.  I think you were same as me. haha

: 네, 그런거랑 좀 비슷한데, 그런거의 한 100배 정도였죠.
RAIN :Yes, it was similar to that. But I think it was 100 times that.

신동 : 아…얼마나 떨렸을까요.
Sin-dong : Wow…

: 그런데 정말 세계적인 스타는 다르더라구요. 남을 배려하는 마음이, 먼저 악수를 청하시고.
RAIN : Anyway, he’s so different. I think he is so mindful of other people.

~ by Cloud USA on May 24, 2010.

One Response to “[audio clip] Rain on MBC FM, w/English translation.”

  1. this was a nice read, hummmm come to think about it, reading anything that Rain says, is nice and interesting as well.

    thanks for sharing the trans. i don’t care what other’s say about T. Cruise, i think he is very thoughtful about others too.


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