Rain’s OBS Entertainment interview, w/English translation.

We already enjoyed the visuals in the May 19th portion, did we not?  So now, here is Rain’s OBS TV Unique Entertainment News spot in its entirety, with written English translation (thank you, rain bird!).  And have a great Friday, Clouds.  — Stephe ^@@^

May 19, Part 1. (video credit: DC / courtesy of ratoka @YT / brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

May 19, Part 1
I think popular singers should push for changes in direction to their efforts.

Much had been said for and against whether ‘Love Song’ would be chosen as the title track of my special album, and the song is a ballad and shows an aesthetic of temperance [attractive balance using understatement]. When it came time to decide, no one hesitated, so it was chosen as the title track.

My association with actor ‘Jakie Chan’ has led it to produce an OST using my second single ‘Hip Song’ for movie ‘The Karate Kid’ starring him.

The animated otter’s reverse wave seems to be very funny and more technical than expected.

I plan to perform in Japan’s concert halls that have accommodations for 2,000~3,000, maybe 14~15 times in June [ZEPP]. On the last day of the concert, ‘I’ll perform in a large venue which can accommodate up to 25,000 audiences [Saitama].

Once, I fell down the stage during my concert in Hong Kong and got a slight concussion and suffered cracked arm [Rain’s Coming 2007 tour]. I’ve been fully recovered from my injuries.  I’m still quite spry, because I’m still twenty something.

I’m not afraid to fail and I just do my best.  So I never give up and keep trying my goal again and again under any harsh circumstances. That way will maintain my position in the showbiz.

Ninja Assassin climbed to No.3 at the box office, although it is a kind of movie for those who have a mania for action movies or genre movies or bloody moves.  I’m satisfied with such a box-office record.

I plan to appear in a hollywood movie, but first, I try to appear in a domestic drama for my Asian fans.

I’ve chosen the honest way to live truly since my debut.

May 19, Part 2.

May 19, Part 2
There are two sides to the title ‘World Star’, so I try to work harder just for my earned nickname. However, one name Rain is much, if I am a real world star.

I try not to forget my original intention, so I want to play my cards much more in doing my work in Korea than in any other nations.

I think it’s only common courtesy to have a deferential attitude to seniors.  I didn’t know that I was the talk of the town since I’d have a deferential attitude toward actor and my senior ‘Choi Bool-Ahm’ at an event.

Congratulations on the marriage of actor ‘Lee Bum-Soo’ and my existing English teacher ‘Lee Yun-Jin’.

I learned English from her for about 3 months, but I needed a teacher on call 24 hours a day, so there was no choice but to replace her into a male teacher because she is a woman.

I’ll continue to study English. Reading the newspaper every day seems to be one way to stay informed of all the events happening locally and internationally.  Separately, I’d like to go to a law school in my late thirties.

Singer ‘Lee Hyo-Ri’ and I go back 8 years. She was just putting me on (She said Rain looked on as a man in a show program)

My nonsense scandals have been in the headlines every year, but they have been manufactured, and the internet has blown all sorts of silly rumors about.

Once, I was hounded by paparazzi overseas as they took away even my trash.

All my fortunes are to be conquered by bearing it, even if I’m treated unfairly. So I try to do a lot better. I think they have extremely done that because it’s really hard to make ends meet. And I do not respond to such scandals and I’m not embroiled in them. As truth always comes out, I just wait and see.

May 20.

May 20
It has been a difficult and lonely time, but I try to be much stronger, both emotionally and in practicality, than I was before.

I would not say about her even if I had a girl friend, but I have no girl friend right now.

My ideal type is a sexy and cool woman, or a pure and straightforward woman. I like such a woman who doesn’t pretend she is innocent.

I’ve heard that actress ‘Park So-Hyun’ and idol group ‘After School’s Uee’ named me as their Mr.Right. I like both of them. I think my attractiveness is partly due to my unaffected personality.

I want to be married and to have daughters.  That way, they will be what gives me the strength to go on. [daughters are more likely to make sure parents are taken care of ^@@^]

When my ex-girl friend whom I hadn’t talked to for years stood before me all of a sudden, I felt as if she was just my friend. So, we remain close friends.

We monitor the programs each of us appear on.

I’m all [aglow] when I drink alcohol and usually sleep. Two bottles of Soju (one of Korean alcohols) are all that I can hold.

How can I get compared to MBLAQ’s GO? (only half in jest). But he has remarkable singing skills, and each of MBLAQ members has a good personality and a good sense of humor, too.  And there is something attractive about each of them.

I usually call my girl friend ‘darling’ (Yeobo in Korean), because she is mine.  (Korea’s married couples usually call each other by the title, Yeobo)

I’ve got along with male group GOD’s ex-members ‘Yun Kye-Sang’, ‘Kim Tae-Woo’ and so on, and 76 Family team which includes actor ‘Cha Tae-Hyun’, ‘Jang Hyuck’ and so on.

Identifying the talented kids between the ages of 6 and 7 seems to be the [best] method. Each of idol groups’ members needs to sharpen up because the life of any idol star will come to an end someday.

I plan to wrap my musical activities with my special album until the end of May. I’m scheduled to hold concerts in Japan in June, and I’ll start shooting a drama from September.

I hope you to be healthy, and thank you for supporting me.

~ by Cloud USA on May 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “Rain’s OBS Entertainment interview, w/English translation.”

  1. Thank you for your great website..for our beloved JIHOON. I think you have the nicest and most supportive site…Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo.


  2. Hey, hey!

    Lovely interview.

    And did you notice that they played the English version of Love Song at the end?

    I don’t know about anyone else, but that was very exciting to me!

    Terri :-}


  3. i just want to thank you ladies for adding the trans with this stunningly looking man.

    i have referred your site to others since there seems to be so much gossip and rumors and even confusion about what was said, who said it, etc. hope u get many visitors who look for the truth.


    • You’re so welcome! And thanks, busybee.

      Your comments are always filled with insight, information, and hilarity, and we appreciate that more than you know.

      Stephe ^@@^


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