Really? We never would have guessed.

HanCinema 5/18/2010 — Korean pop stars Lee Hyo-lee and Rain are making news for saying that they were both attracted to each other at one point during their decade-long friendship.  They made the remark while making a guest appearance on MBC variety talk show “Come On Over”, which aired Monday evening.

Lee Hyo-lee is a person who has a lot of charms”, said Rain on the show. “She exudes an unbelievable aura on stage but she is like a vulnerable little girl in some ways.”  He went on to say, “Hyo-lee doesn’t know this but I think she has a power that attracts men.”  When Lee asked Rain if he ever thought about her in a romantic way, he answered, “There is no man who would not regard Lee Hyo-lee as a woman.”

Lee then admitted to once having felt romantic feelings for Rain….

» You can read the article in its entirety on HanCinema HERE.

Just say yes, Rain.  “I’ve thought about Hyo-Ri in a romantic way, sure.”  Just say it, dude.  Everybody knows you’re not made of stone.  Thank you, Hyo-Ri, for just admitting it, girl.  Although if you think we believe it’s only happened to you one time… heh, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. 😉

This article tickled us good and proper.  — Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on May 19, 2010.

5 Responses to “Really? We never would have guessed.”

  1. maybe one day they WILL get toghether, they make such a great couple, I’ve always liked Hyori better than any other lady he has been with, they have chemistry and passion written all over!!!


  2. Can you say “this went a lot further than we’ll ever be told, a LONG time ago”…?

    We know the score.

    Stephe ^@@^

    *wink* @ gerlie0064


  3. I mean really. The man is a god…what woman in the biz wouldn’t want him? or vice versa for that matter??? Can you ‘secret redezvous backstage’ anyone??


  4. Ooh, what a surprise, huh?

    Rain and Lee Hyo-ri attracted to each other? Gosh. I’m so stunned. I can’t believe it. I mean goodness!

    Okay. NOT. Haha.

    I tell you I’ve watched a lot of video of these two together, and BOY do they have some wicked chemistry. Even before this gossip appeared, I told Stephe that I didn’t care what anyone said. Nobody would EVER convince me that there wasn’t SOMETHING going on between those two. Nobody.

    I wonder if we’ll ever get the rest of the story, though? Enquiring minds and all that, you know…

    Terri :-}


  5. ” heh, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.”

    Ha ha!! A good one from you, Stephe !!! LMAO!!!


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