MBLAQ to release a 2nd version… and you know “Y.”

OMGKPOP! 5/18/2010 — Looks like MBLAQ’s new music video is too hot for Korea’s television networks– KBS, MBC and SBS– and is receiving no airtime.

The plot of the music video is Lee Joon, the main lead, taking revenge on his lover. This music video involves intimate scenes in the bed that includes kissing. In one of the ending scenes, Lee Joon is seen aiming a gun at his lover and the scene following features the lover apparently wounded from the gunshot.

A representative of J.Tune Entertainment said, “We will revise the music video and have a broadcast version where the scene with the gun is not included.” ….

» You can read OMGKPOP!’s write-up in its entirety HERE.  An English subbed version of the “Y” MV is included in that write-up.

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see this one coming.  At least they’re not going to scrap the first version… we and the rest of the world can still have that one and the broadcasters can have the “clean” version.  Whatever floats their boat.  —  Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on May 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “MBLAQ to release a 2nd version… and you know “Y.””

  1. i think Korea’s music industry keeps me confused. wonder why did JTune release this, if there was a possibility for this to happen?
    but, MBLAQ has a huge teenage fanbase, so i get that it’s not a decent message to convey.


  2. Maybe for those countries this kind of video is too much to handle, I think in this way maybe because here in america we r so use to see videos like this one. Maybe they are right, its kind of strong that video.
    Anyway… I hope the new version will be so cool like the first one.


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