Rain on Open Concert.

KBS1’s Open Concert was finally broadcast today (not that it was delayed or anything, we were just eager to see it).  Rain was Ebony-blinging, and right away, something about his face seemed off—  No falsies.  Eyeliner yes, but no lashes.  Drats!  But that’s okay, no problem, for whatever reason he dropped that part of the Love Song staging (probably because he went straight into Hip Song without leaving the stage), and as much as I love them, I’ll let him do his thing.  Every little thing he does gets enough complaints from fans already.  Every little thing.

If you recall, Clouds, this is the show where Rain verbally connects with the crowd, does Hip Song in Love Song attire (doesn’t that dark shirt look luscious against his skin?), and seems so relaxed and content.  The shots of the fans are so cute; they are going out of their everloving minds.  It’s really enjoyable to watch.  So have fun.  — Stephe ^@@^

Rain: “My next song is ‘Hip Song’ which best represents my feature. Everyone please stand up.  Let’s have an exciting time!”  (brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)


(captures courtesy of ratoka @YT)


~ by Cloud USA on May 16, 2010.

One Response to “Rain on Open Concert.”

  1. Oooh but what is he saying?? I wanna know.. Too hows come everytime Jihoon goes to grind the camera doesn’t face front?!?!


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