‘Hip Song’ & ‘As I Told You’: Fashion similarities.

K Bites 5/16/2010 — Singer Rain’s follow-up hit ‘Hip Song’ stage gathers interests from netizens with many who commented on how similar it is as compared to the late singer Kim SeongJae’s ‘As I told You’ performances.

Rain had performed the song ‘Hip Song’ as his followup hit on Mnet M!Countdown, KBS Music Bank and MBC Music Core this week. And for his performance on M!Countdown and Music Core, there were many who pointed out the close similiarities of the outfit concepts as compared to Kim SeongJae ‘So To Speak’ performances.

The hockey costume fashion and the sunglasses, as pointed out by many netizens, is similar to that of the concept of ‘As I Told You’ by Kim SeongJae in 1995….

(source: Newsen)

» You can read this post in its entirety, and compare additional pictures and videos of Rain and Kim Seong-Jae, on the K Bites site HERE.

Rain has always paid tribute to his idols by showcasing some form of their specialties in his own work, and who doesn’t?  That could even be why he slicked his hair back that first performance.  If this is indeed part of what Rain is doing with the boxing gig, giving a shout-out to a fallen performer, then how thoughtful of him.  It’s kind of cool to see Rain’s and Seong-Jae’s videos side by side like this, and the similarities.  Surely Seong-Jae’s longtime fans appreciate being taken back down Memory Lane… ?  — Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on May 16, 2010.

One Response to “‘Hip Song’ & ‘As I Told You’: Fashion similarities.”

  1. not everyone appreciates tributes, obviously some of SJ’s fans don’t like it, as for the glasses, BI has always worn them, it’ has become a trademark of his, people should just chill and appreciate the talent displayed by him and the artist he looks up to and does tribute to


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