RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 15.

Asia broadcast 5/15.  We continue our journey from last week, with Rain still high above the streets of Seoul, braving frostbite and the elements by stripping down specifically for our viewing pleasure.  Poor thing… he had to do so many takes (probably due to bad shots, the shirt getting tangled in his hands, etc.) that after a while he seemed to just not bother going for a parka anymore.  He was probably good and numb.  Whoa, wait a minute… is that lead dancer/choreographer Jeong Sung-Tak (one of the 7 Rainmakers , who has been performing with Rain since before debut) at minute 3:11?  Wow, hey there, fellow. 🙂

And then we go down to the streets of Seoul at night to shoot the… uh-oh… the infamous traffic violation scene!  *looking around frantically for KBS watchdogs*  Hurry up and get the shot, Rain.  Just get the shot!  Run!  (Listen to that wind whip around.  Now we know how he looked so anguished in the MV—it was like standing on a frozen tundra and no amount of fit-throwing warmed him up in the least.  The man was a human popsicle.)  Enjoy, Clouds!  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of ratoka @YT / original Japanese subs only, for now)

~ by Cloud USA on May 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 15.”

  1. Hahahahaha!



  2. wow, this segment really shows that there was no running in the traffic as KBS said. i noticed the traggic cones and personnel and the designated space for the shot. oppps, KBS exposed, hahaha


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