Rain at charity concert “Love Request.”

Today at 6 PM (May 15th), Rain participated in KBS1’s charity concert Love Request (“All of you belong to one family in Korea”), and news source Daily Economy reports that the event took place at Hanyang University’s Olympic Gym in Seoul.  Many other singers, in addition to Rain, were there to participate as well.  (Thanks to rain bird and Rain Europe for this information.)

Rain and Crew looked pretty foxy, didn’t they?  Gosh, his voice… just so rich and smooth.  I can’t throw my shirt up in this suit, but I sure can loosen this tie for ya, girl. Ha.  And who knew Hip Song could be done well in slick street shoes?  That head mic seemed to be bugging him… probably didn’t fit as well as his usual one.  All in all, nicely done.  — Stephe ^@@^

Love Song and Hip Song (presented by ratoka @YT)

(image credit as tagged)

~ by Cloud USA on May 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “Rain at charity concert “Love Request.””

  1. Kyyaaaaaaa! I love seeing Jihoon dance in a suite!!!!


  2. how can he dance in such tight clothes???..but I’m not complaining…lol,,,wearing purplr tie…my favorite color, looks good…as always!!


  3. Yea, I think he pretty much hates that mic and it got on his nerves quite a bit seeing as though he forgot the last word to Love Song. It’s alright though, you are still wonderful haha!


  4. Love watching him perform in a suit! It’s so silly to see him acting hardcore! He did a wonderful job… as usual LOL!


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