And the crowd screamed, “Jung Ji-Hoon!”

Hip Song’s third staging this week was on MBC’s Music Core today, the 15th.  And to some, it might look like the exact same performance… but a Cloud can see that it is not.  Whereas Rain got rid of his leg lacings yesterday (Music Bank, the 14th), the Crew were all rid of theirs too today.  He also ditched the white sports shirt to go more colorful (I miss the red and black though, from M!Countdown on the 13th, that was kickin’), and his eyes are chilling behind some RayBan-type specs.  And he eased up on doing a split (I don’t blame him there really, that’s got to be rough on your crotch every single day, gah).  The fans were loud—haha.  I don’t blame them.  I’ll never get tired of seeing Rain perform Hip Song.  It’s at the top of my exercise regimen, and Terri’s too.  Talk about burning off some calories.

This week’s final stage should be Inkigayo on Sunday.  (I wonder when he’s going to show the South Korean flag… and how?  Hmm.)  — Stephe ^@@^ 5:38 am EST

(video courtesy of JungYuRi3 / sr: onlyclass)

(screen caps: Stephe)

~ by Cloud USA on May 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “And the crowd screamed, “Jung Ji-Hoon!””

  1. is that football pants I see??…nice!!..can’t get tired of hip song!!…lol


  2. minor details~ The slip grind roll, my favorite moment he gave stank tongue with it blahhhh.


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