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Cloud Project! Follow the example that Rain and other K-celebs have just given us with their participation in the 3rd Green Ribbon Hope Walking Campaign, and help the many missing and exploited children in your own locale.  Please visit our Cloud Projects page for details.  Thank you!

*  G.O sings a sample of Rain’s Love Song on Mnet Radio, over on our Inside J.Tune Camp page.  Sweet.

*  MBLAQ’s new official website has been added to our sidebar under MBLAQ SITES.

*  Several newly discovered international sites, including a Turkish Cloud Fan Club & Forum, have been added to our sidebar under RAIN SITES.

REMINDER: Don’t forget to vote for the WebBlog at during your daily visit to CloudUSA…!  Our red and white TopList Vote button is to your right, near the top of our sidebar, for your convenience.  If we’re making you happy and you’ve got love for us, let us know.  Give us a click, Clouds.  Thanks so much! ♥

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on May 14, 2010.

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