…and the Hip Song comeback stages begin.

**ETA 5/16/2010: UPDATE » ‘Hip Song’ & ‘As I Told You’: Fashion similarities. A tribute to his fallen idol back in the day, DEUX legend Kim Sung Jae. ❤ ^@@^


As he promised to do, Rain has pulled another rabbit out of his hat: a new style, revised choreography, revised theme (sports meets urban hip hop) and new hair.

This Hip Song comeback stage from today’s Mnet M!Countdown broadcast really lives up to Rain’s wish to go “back to the basic.”  The last time we saw boxing gloves was during debut year (2002) when he came back from “Bad Guy” with his second single “Instead of Saying Goodbye,” off of his Vol. 1 n001 album, and completely shot to stardom.  That old performance was absolutely precious, and today’s Hip Song stage harkened back to that—it was simply irresistable.  Brilliant.  I love the boxing attire and slicked back, super spy hair.  (What a look.  He should wear his hair like this for Runaway!)  Any predictions as to what theme his next performance will take, Clouds?  Of course, it’ll be amazing…

Well, so far (since April) Rain has made good on his vow to reinvent himself and revolutionize us.  — Stephe

(courtesy of ratoka @ YT)

~ by Cloud USA on May 13, 2010.

8 Responses to “…and the Hip Song comeback stages begin.”

  1. when is he coming to ga/fl. i want to go play in the RAIN!


  2. ha,a ha ha haa really great change.. fitting ~and good style for this ~with good design, costume..and balance five elements.~great going , jihoon!!! super star!!!!

    was also thinking good to pull hair back good change
    …ke ke ke…aja aja fighting.!!! jihoon!!!


  3. It took me back; the sound, dance and clothes. I don’t like the song but his fans do so go for it Rain!


  4. i love he`s hair! i love rain but i hated he`s old justin bieber haircut!! he lokes more handsome now!!


  5. Love the new look. absolutely. Wow a man of many looks and talents. I’m stoked.


  6. Hey, hey.

    This is Hip Song rock tonight…oh sorry.

    As everyone here knows, I’m on the Raizo-hair team. So, as you can imagine I got really hyped up on this look. (So sorry, StarRain…)

    I liked the costume too, although it did take me several viewings to take in everything involved in the “sports” ambiance. There was just SO MUCH to see.

    And I LOVED the change up in the choreography. Very tough, masculine. So, hip hop cool.

    Terri :-}


  7. Are you kidding???…love the hair and the whole new look!!!…hair might be for his new drama???…I think his new look is rockin’!!


  8. I was so excited to wake up this morning with Rain news/videos waiting for me! Gotta say it….love the man!

    I’m not loving the hair…Raizo flashbacks happening. The vertict is still out on the shorts and gloves!


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