[images] Rain at Myung-dong’s ‘Music Korea.’

As we understand it… this was Rain’s second fanmeet stop of the day today, and took place around 4 PM (the earlier stop was around 2:30, and the last one should happen around 7).  Heavens, this is not good!  Understandably the crowd was ecstatic to see him, but some fans could have really gotten hurt, and it’s a wonder Rain left the place in one piece (the underside of his arm looks bruised where somebody tried to yank it off).  Talk about scaring the crap out of him.  C’mon security—you’ve got to make better calls than this.  If something isn’t safe, it isn’t safe.  Go to Plan B!  — ^@@^

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~ by Cloud USA on May 12, 2010.

4 Responses to “[images] Rain at Myung-dong’s ‘Music Korea.’”

  1. look at pic #4 and 5. the man with the glasses, doesn’t it look like someone punched Rain? or is someone grabbing? i can’t tell who the arm belongs to, but the guy in the glasses has such an angry look on his face…first time i paid attention to this. what do u think? am i just seeing things? making to much out of this aweful security lack? don’t know, but i hope Rain’s official fansite will send out a message to fans in Korea to give him a little more space then this. after looking again at all of these pics. this was a mess. drove right up into the crowd and security didn’t even have a plan. the police stepped up to guard Rain, while the security is standing in the back and off to the side. i’m sure everyone in Korea doesn’t like Rain and there probably are many who may harbor bad feelings (for their own reasons). but, when i look at these pics one by one, i feel myself getting just a little pissed.


    • You’re not alone in the pissed off department.

      All it would have taken was something to panic the people further back to create a complete disaster. I was at a peaceful concert in a huge park once… one person somewhere yelled “Gun!” and the WHOLE crowd surged and trampled whoever was around them. I got crushed against the stage, but there was a little space there so, lucky for me, I didn’t get hurt too badly. (as it turned out, there wasn’t a gun)

      Of course that didn’t happen in Myung-dong, but it’s a good example of how humans get completely unpredictable in that kind of atmosphere, and it should be avoided at all costs. Like you said, not everyone in Korea likes Rain. Some people actually detest him. All security needs is for someone like that (or someone who is mentally unhinged) to get right next to him in a crowd. Disaster.


  2. wow…that was just insane!!!…security should act like it!!


  3. yeah, and i’m wondering why did they allow Rain’s car to drive right up into the crowd? that’s where control was totally lost.


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