Love Song’s final Inkigayo. Or the interchangeable Bling.

That’s right, my dears.  This should be Rain’s final stint on Inkigayo; the Love Song performances are coming swiftly to a close, competition-wise.  (What? I have to put the NY and ATL ball caps away, and we’ll have to wean ourselves off of those Golden Abs, except during rewinds?  Nooo…!)  Next week is when Rain and Crew put emo-Glam Rock away and go completely hip-urban as Hip Song hits the comeback trail.  Are you ready?  All of you overseas Clouds in the voting zones—make us proud and support our Ji-Hoon!

Note: The Ebony Bling, on their white fabric background, are now on the black flack jacket (the exact opposite of the most recent Music Bank).  Interchangeable Bling, indeed!  Mix them, match them, rearrange them and make a few jackets seem like a closet full.  What a great idea and so, so smart (if I am right).  And what a performance.  Did you hear the extra emotion in Rain’s voice?  Did he intentionally end the song with “please come back” instead of “I love you” to change things up, or was he simply deep in the moment and letting things come as they would?  Ah… superb.  — Stephe ^@@^

[ *ETA: On second thought… he might have been a little distracted because he nearly ripped his mic off when he threw his shirt over his head.  Whew.  Nice save, Rain…!  Still superb. ]

(courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on May 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Love Song’s final Inkigayo. Or the interchangeable Bling.”

  1. he was distracted for sure…you can see the annoyance in his face at the end…lol


  2. yeay!!!…I love hip song best!!!…bring it on!!


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