Cosmo May 2010: The Man We Love, English translation.

Massive thanks to bilingual Clouds EunHye and huhuhuhu for helping us read this wonderful article.  We just can’t say enough good things about you ladies. 🙂

We just can’t say enough about our Ji-Hoon, either.  He isn’t perfect. But he is an incredible artist.  An incredible man.  An incredible human being.  — Stephe ^@@^

May 2010 issue Cosmopolitan Man We Love

Source: Star Story
Korean → Chinese: EunHye@cloud-taiwan
Chinese → English: huhuhuhu@rain-cloud

Star Story: Come on baby, Light my fire

It is not because he owns a lot of things, it is not because he realizes many dreams. The real reason he touches people deeply is that he never forgets his original mind, he never stops working hard. Almost like a drama, his “fighting spirit” is forever burning brightly, shining and dazzling.


This is my 8th debut year so I have been wondering all the time if I should show a new era of myself. I really hope that this special album will be the best gift for my fans. This was how the “ballad” song and this album came about.

It’s rather different from my past style, but just as in the past, it showed my own feelings. Take the title track for example. It is a soft ballad, so I wanted to emphasize the sad feeling even in the appearance. I tried to put on false eye lashes. I think this will be an excellent idea for a concert. Some people said this image reminds people of the past James Morrison, but I had not intended to use any specific person to strengthen my idea. I just followed my own thinking to create an image which suits my song and my album.

The reason for putting on false eye lashes is I want to show some outstanding feeling. It’s a really sad feeling. If you look at it carefully, you may notice from the gorgeous accessories I’m wearing that I try not to rely on the accessories. I want to focus back on myself. This is also the reason of naming the album “Back to the Basic”. I want to return to my first heart.

I want to fully demonstrate the “masculine” feel in this album – the kind of man who possesses the tough feel, the gentle feel, and also the sexy feel. Many men will give a tough feel when they take off their shirts, but my intentions were slightly different. I want to show my heart completely in front of you. I want to show my first heart – the true heart that’s deep inside me.

You just mentioned the armour vest is a complete contrast to the ballad style, which seems to create an image of not letting people see the hurt inside. It actually reveals better the sad, true heart right? Yes, you are right! The song is a very traditional ballad, but the costume gives a totally different feeling. In contrast to the sad, sorrowful ballad, the outfit created a flamboyant, tough feeling. There is almost the desire to use the clothes to reverse the sad feeling, because sometimes a man’s heart is even weaker than a woman’s.


I used classical movie dialogues when writing this song. It occurred in my mind scenes of classical love movies, when the actor stood in front of the actress house, reminiscing his lover who has left him. Of course some of the lyrics also incorporated a few of my own experiences.

When people asked me how I felt when occasionally I seemed indifferent to woman, my reply was, “There isn’t any meaning in it. It’s just that I was heart broken by the fact that we could not be together again. A person who was once by my side, giving me warm smiles. The sadness and the feeling that I could no longer see the happy face – such wounds became the story of my song. Almost all the songs I wrote were based on my own practical experience. Of course I could write a lot of songs just thinking about the hardship I went through as a trainee. However this time because I wanted to try a soft ballad genre so I chose a love story again.

Q: It’s said that you have a lot of romantic dating ideas?

Many people say that but actually it’s not true, haha. Contrary to special dates, I want more a simple, ordinary love. Holding girl friend’s hands for a walk, watching a movie together, enjoying good food together while traveling, resting together, gazing at each other. This is because in reality these simple dates are more than difficult to fulfill, compared to any other pleasantly surprised activities.

One day I saw Ms Han Ye Sul on the “Golden Fishery” TV program. She’s very pretty. I still remember while I was watching the program, I was thinking if there is a chance, I would want to work with her.

NG parts of the MV [outtakes]: Ms Ye Sul lying in bed, and I sang beside her. Looks like there were many NGs before it was completed.

Hahahaha, how did you know? Sounds as if you were there in person! That’s right, it’s true. I had to sing on the bed, but the bed was wobbling all the time. Ms Ye Sul had to be sound asleep, but she couldn’t stop laughing because of the wobbling bed. Her laughs were infectious. I tried to hold but just couldn’t control myself and laughed.

About my being shortlisted on Time 100? This is unbelievable. This is my great honour. Being one of the 100 most influential people of the world to me is both amazing and exciting. If I have the opportunity, I also want to attend Stephen Colbert Show again, haha.  [That would be AWESOME! Heheheh. — Stephe ^@@^]

Stephen Colbert helped me to gain recognition in the U.S. market. I am most grateful to him. We had a happy time recording our program last time, haha. If I have the opportunity to be at his show again, I personally want to develop a close friendship with him. I also want to attend the variety shows overseas. To prepare for that day, I am studying English hard. Currently I am also preparing for my 6th album which will be released at the end of the year.

Before that, probably in September or October, my domestic drama will be aired. As for movie, it seems that I don’t have time for it this year. But it’s difficult to say. Who knows, good works always knock on the door instantly.

You ask me if I will continue to guard my “first heart”?

I think people who have always been watching me by my side know this answer better than I do. Of course, even if I keep saying that is my “first heart”, there will still be a lot of people who don’t believe it. The only thing I can do is not to declare that I am guarding my first heart, but to reduce the gap in their minds as far as possible. I’m just working hard constantly to reduce their suspicion.

Occasionally people also asked why I still go to those variety programs.

When people said “ Your position is such that you don’t have to go to those variety shows, isn’t it?” My reply was: “No, such position does not exist”. There is no difference between the rookie me and the current me. I am always grateful to those people who have not forgotten me, and I want to get closer to my fans. If the variety shows could be the catalyst, then I could go to those shows regardless where I am.

The fact that I could bring strength to others not only amazes me, it also gives me a sense of great responsibility. As such, I will do my utmost to live earnestly, because I do not want myself, and all the people who know me, to get into pain. This is the reason why I want to guard my “first heart”.

~ by Cloud USA on May 8, 2010.

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  1. great article – thanks for translating and providing !!! reading about why he still does the variety shows *sigh* he is just such a good, good guy to say the least ❤ him !


  2. thnx sooo much, without you guys we would never know what’s in his heart and mind…kudos!!


  3. I like this article as everything Rain does. Thank you so much for the translation.


  4. Again HUHUHUHU you did an excellent translation..thank you for all your hard work in getting this to us English speaaking Fans..this is a nice article…


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