SBS Power FM Love Game interview, English translation.

As far as we know, video footage of this radio show with » personality Park So-Hyun (who I adore, especially on past episodes of Global Chat) hasn’t been posted.  But the interview is so much fun, and Rain and So-Hyun had such a blast, that it is more than worth a good read.  So grab the beverage of your choice and give this a look. 

Rain has done a ton of radio interviews lately, so many, in fact, that they’ve all started to kind of run together and overlap and sound the same.  I must say that this SBS Power FM Love Game with Park So-Hyun is one that stands out.  It has some fresh topics of conversation, and the Question & Answer section had me cracking up.  I think you’ll like this, Clouds.  — Stephe ^@@^


SBS Power FM Park So Hyun’s Love Game

Korean → Chinese: EunHye
Chinese → English: huhuhuhu
Huge thanks to these ladies for such a nice translation!  Their side comments are in parentheses ( )… and my comments are in brackets [ ].

SH: Rather than introducing him as a singer, I would want to introduce him as a musician. Welcome, Rain to our show.
Rain: How are you?

SH: Welcome! Haven’t seen you for a long time. I really miss you!
Rain: I miss you too! Seems it has been about 1.5 years since I last came here.

SH: It has been 1.5 years since Rainism?
Rain: Yes, correct. It’s been so long. I am really happy!

SHl: How do you feel coming back here after such a long time?
Rain: Although I’m here to work, I feel like I come specially to see SH nuna [big sister honorific ^@@^].

SH: So you come with a light hearted mood. Then perhaps you should work a bit before you leave.
Rain: Of course, I have to work before I go.

SH: Actually we don’t seem to see DJ Jung Juhoon [Jung Ji-Hoon?] that much, right?
Rain: Then how about we try it today?

SH: In that case please take up some of the DJ job today. Just relax and try to do it.
Rain: OK, I know.

SH: It seems you really like the DJ job. However you probably can’t do it because you are overseas a lot right?
Rain: You will really let me be the DJ?

SH: Of course, I will do anything for you
Rain: Then don’t let me be the DJ alone, give me a female partner as well.

SH: Whom do you want? How about choosing one from Girls Generation?
Rain: The age gap between me and Girls Generation is too big. I personally feel it will be interesting for me to host a show together with Li Hyori. We are good friends.  [Yeah, what a surprise. Heh. — Stephe ^@@^]

SH: How do you feel about Han Ye Sul?
Rain: Miss Han Ye Sul? If I do the show together with Miss Han Ye Sul the fee will be very high.

SH: Never you mind the fee! I will think of a way for you.
Rain: Is it possible to have an annual salary? Production Director, what do you think? (SH laughed at the side) PD said OK!

SH: I don’t really mean anything when I mentioned Han Ye Sul. It’s just that I watched your Love Song MV, and I am really surprised.
Rain: I am really grateful to Miss Han for her great help.

SH: You two are good match! But this MV seems too wild, why is it like that? (Rain laughed at the side) Is it because I am getting older, so it seems wild to me? I just feel it is wilder than Rainism and Hip Song.

Rain: It’s because I’m now in my late 20s, so I want to burn the last passion of my 20s years. And I plan to take off my clothes again when I’m about 40. Please wait for my skin when I’m 40. Probably it gets rougher then.  [ROFL!  You betcha we’ll wait!  Ha! ^@@^]

SH: I feel that you will be more or less the same even if Rain gets to 40. [Just for the record… Rain is going to be devastatingly sexy by the time he hits 40.  Bet.  — Stephe ^@@^]
Rain: Sure, a man gets smarter with age.

SH: You are right.
Rain: I think girls are the same. Starting from their 20s, I think girls are prettiest, most beautiful when they get into their 30s.

SH: Then why do you say that you like younger girls?
Rain: When did I say I like younger girls?

SH: It’s obvious you like younger girls!
Rain: It’s you who asked me first about Girls Generation. I like younger girls but I love elder sisters!

SH: Then whom do you like in Kara (Korean girl group)
Rain: Hm, recently I participated in a talk show together with Ku Ha La. Wow, she’s really pretty and young. Youth is a weapon! I want to grow up quickly when I was small, but now I hope that time will stop here.

SH: You are right. “Freshness” itself is the greatest asset.
Rain: Right, right! Fresh, Fresh.

SH: But to me you are still very young. Even when you sing and dance on the stage you are still very young.
Rain: I’m still young now, right!

SH: Yes, and if you continue to work hard..
Rain: For me, I only want others to call me elder brother. Please don’t call me Uncle. I know someone who will be in a bad mood all day if he hears someone calling him uncle.

SH: Do you mean Kim Tai Woo?
Rain: No, I mean some Mr. Park, Mr. [JYP]!

SH: Oh, so it is JYP! He has been promoted to Uncle a few years ago, hasn’t he?
Rain: It’s really funny that all the idol groups that he has trained are almost 2 cycles younger, at least 20 years younger. When I saw this I thought: “I must not let such things happen to me. I must find ways to stop my age.”

SH: But this is impossible. Comparing to when you first debuted, you were about 20 then right, you look even more handsome now!
Rain: Thanks.

SH: I’m telling the truth. I’m not saying this because we are on show. Really pleased to see such straight forward Rain! Many people will remember what Rain looks like while performing on stage, or when he’s in the movie, but what I want to stress is “Musician” Rain. So proud you have produced such outstanding tune.

Rain: Indeed I spent a long time composing the music and the lyrics. I want to show a slightly restrained kind of sexiness which has never been shown before. I want to demonstrate my own style and my own dance. To do so I did a lot of research. Luckily it seems that you all like it, so thank you very much. Oh, there is Hip Song too. I think many of you will like this one better.

SH: When you are on stage, which dance style you feel is more difficult to demonstrate?
Rain: Regarding this, it seems only until now do I understand the real meaning of dance, although I have been dancing for 15-16 years. My so called dance had been matching my body, and not the music itself. I think what you feel is most important in terms of dancing.

SH: Previously, when we watch Rain dance, the impression is strong, full of power. Now it seems there is some tenderness blended in.
Rain: My best is Hip Hop dance, but usually pop dance cannot give people the feeling of sincerity. I haven’t watched ballet dance before. But when I was in Europe, I watched ballet performance and I found it very beautiful. It allows people to share the most sincere feelings. I learned something there, and feel I should do that too. Sincerity is most important.

SH: We seem to be able to share the true feeling in “Love Song”. I believe all of us could feel Rain’s best sexy dance on the stage. Let’s listen to “Love Song” now.

SH: I’ve heard that you mentioned in one program that “A man must not be the first to declare ending a relationship. He should wait for the lady to say it”.
Rain: This is what I think. The last thing that a man can do for a woman is: when both parties have the desire to separate, he should lead the lady to say it out first, rather then saying it himself . I think this is his last courtesy.

SH: Here is a question from the audience. Rain is training MBLAQ now, but people do not feel any age difference between you and them. What is the reason?
Rain: (laugh) This is because MBLAQ aren’t that young (sorry)

SH: In the beginning, what is your criteria in choosing them?
Rain: “Hardworking” is the criteria. They were selected based on that.

SH: Do you think your juniors are handsome?
Rain: Looking at them closely they all are quite handsome. Actually, as you know, I had been thinking all the time then, what is my weapon in winning? I wasn’t that great looking when I debuted, in fact many people were quite disappointed by that!

SH: But when I watched the “Bad Guy” MV, I felt that Rain looked very handsome.
Rain: Please don’t lie, but ok I know it now, please continue.

SH: I even told JYP then you are very handsome. And said you look like Jung Yu Sang (Korean actor). But now you are definitely more handsome than Jung YS.
Rain: Thank you… please say more.  [LOL! ^@@^]

SH: Did you ever have the idea of giving up on MBLAQ?
Rain: I have never had this idea from beginning till now.

SH: As an actor, Rain is of course also very handsome. But Rain is here today to promote his new album. After “Love Song”, we are going to listen to a very powerful “Hip Song”

(Note: the theme of today’s program is “All about the Key Words of a Star”)

SH: Today’s theme is “All about the key words of a star”. What do you think about this?
Rain: If you ask me “to tell you all about the key words of a star”, then the word “woman” came into my mind.

SH: That’s right, that should be the right mind. You know what reply Yin Zhong Xin gave me? – “Cigarette”.
Rain: He has a different mind from others.

SH: Yes, that’s why at that time I didn’t know what to do..
Rain: In recent talk shows I found out that Yin Zhong Xin has great voice imitation skills. He could imitate Liu Zai Shi (the famous MC in Family Outing). (Rain showed his voice imitation. SH said it was very cute, and asked him to do more.)

Rain: Should I imitate something else for you? (note: not sure this time what Rain imitated, just heard that he was really excited as he did so) It’s totally identical right?

SH: (Clapped) Wow, amazing! Exactly the same. How long have you practiced?
Rain: Really have to practice for a while.

SH: Have you done voice imitation in other shows as well?
Rain: No, not in other shows. Actually I don’t do much voice imitation.

SH: Really? Then today it’s a gift for us!
Rain: Right, it’s a gift, since I don’t have other things I could show to you.

SH: What kind of coffee do you like? Latte? Cappucino? American coffee?
Rain: If I have to be on diet then I will drink American coffee. Otherwise I will have Latte, but only with milk, no sugar.

SH: Is there really such a big difference in calorie?
Rain: Of course, there’s a huge difference!

SH: Bi Obba, you often go overseas right? Of all the countries you’ve been to, which is the one that you want to visit again?
Rain: I want to go to Italy again. The scenery is beautiful and it gives me a great feeling.

SH: Seems the place is suitable for you. Actually Koreans like Italian cuisine.
Rain: In terms of dining, I am totally Korean. I love Korean cuisine most. Of course Italian cuisine is good, but it’s just won’t work for me to have it continuously.

SH: My impression is that since you debut, you have never had any ear rings. Did you ever pierced your ear?
Rain: I did it when I was at senior high, but because it hurts the body so I have never had an ear ring.

SH: So it sealed afterwards?
Rain: Actually, my father went for fortune telling before. They said that my signs were not good. So my father told me when I was at senior high that I must not harm my body, and I should not pierce my ear. Only this way I could grow up well.

SH: You wrote your own music and songs since your 5th album. What kind of style do you want to create?
Rain: The music I want to do? I want to try to combine jazz with popular music, but this is not the time yet. At the moment what I could show to you all will still mainly be dance music.  [Ah ha!  So… this might be what we’re in for in Rain’s 30s, Clouds… jazz combos.  Sweet! ^@@^]

SH: What about movie characters? What kind of roles you want to play?
Rain: A real, bad guy!

SH: Ah, a villain
Rain: Like the role played by Zhao Zai Xian in the movie “Bad Guy”. I think I could play it very well!

SH: That was a really bad, detestable man!
Rain: I really want to try that kind of role, sorry.

SH: I thought you would say an action film.
Rain: A really, really bad guy, so detestable that people would want to punch him down, that kind of hateful guy.  [I ain’t going back!  Shoot me, you miserable cop– aish, that hurts… Nappeun namja-ya…. hey, nappeun namja-ya, sing along, everybody… ^@@^]

SH: Movie directors, please contact Jihoon. He said he will do it well.
Rain: Not now! I don’t want to do it now! How did I come to this?

SH: Then when do you plan to do it?
Rain: When I could accept it myself.
SH: I hope to see your handsome role in a great movie in future!

SH: Your close friend Kim Tai Woo is in good terms with many young female singers. Do you envy him?
Rain: Not at all. I prefer elder sisters! I don’t like girls who are too young.

SH: But as you grow older, your ideal type will change, right? Jihoon’s ideal type has always been the same?
Rain: I have to tell the truth. When I was younger I like woman who are older than me, but now I like those who are younger than me. Sorry, I’m a man.

SH: It just occurred to me that your English teacher is dating Li Fan Xiu.
Rain: I really don’t know about that.

SH: Really?
Rain: Really. Teaching Li Fan Xiu and at the same time developing a marriage! My congratulations to both of them.

SH: Our guest today for “All about the key words of a star” is Rain.
Rain: Right, you are with me now!

SH: There’s not much time left…
Rain: I just said I’m going to be “One Day DJ”. I will do my best to finish all the questions.

SH: Really? That’s great. (Clapped)
Rain: Let me start now!

SH: Of the 4 key words (category): Rain, Work, Daily, Family, which will you choose?
Rain: Bi, Rain.

SH: From now on it’s Rain quick question/reply time. (the part below was Rain’s solo, he asked and answered the questions about Bi)

Q: What kind of character is Rain? Introvert? Mean?
A: I like to be spoiled, especially in front of girl friends.

Q: Which part of you do you want your daughter to look like?
A: I just hope she’s tall like me.

Q: When you bathe, looking at your own figure, what will you think?  [Seriously, So Hyun?? LOL! ^@@^]
A: Wow, really sexy, and I always look into the mirror when I get up (laugh)  [LMAO!  And he answered it!]

Q: When Rain is alone, who will make you feel at ease?
A: My manager (laugh). 

Q: The question that cause the most panic to you?
A: There are many, but “first kiss” is the question that caused most panic to me.

Q: How’s your relationship with JYP? Good?
A: Very good.

Q: Of the photos posted on websites, which one makes you want to replace? Reason?
A: My photo with the puppy! Why a puppy? Why?  [But it’s such a cute one, Rain. ^@@^]

Rain: I finish all the questions in this category. Should I do the questions about “Work”?
SH: Rain answered all the questions about RAIN. Now the questions about Work.

Q: The junior singers now are different from when you debuted. What’s your feeling about this?
A: I seem to be more handsome than they are.  [LOL! LOL!]

Q: If you have a day’s free time, what would you do?
A: I want to sleep!

Q: If you have to compete with MBLAQ for No. 1, who do you want to get to the throne?
A: Of course I!

Q: Who’s your mentor in your life?
A: Sometimes it’s JYP, sometimes it’s my father.

Q: Will any of your juniors treat you for a meal?
A: Because I love and take care of my juniors very much, every time I pay!

Rain: We still have some time left, should I do the part on Daily?
SH: Rain’s gladly taking the challenge again…

Q: Of all the numbers you have saved in your phone, how many have you memorized?
A: Not many, about 2 or 3. My manager, my father…

Q: First thing you do when you wake up?
A: To confirm things I have to do today.

Q: Have you tried to put on a hat and mouth mask to disguise and went out to play?
A: 3 years ago I really want to go to the amusement park, so I put on mouth mask and went out with Baekga and took pictures in front of 500 people. Also recently I took the MTR [subway?], the day when we had a heavy snow storm.

SH: Nobody recognized you?
Rain: Right, nobody recognized me!

Q: Please explain Rain’s Prince complex symptom.  [Oh gawd no, not that!  LOL!  Stop right there… ^@@^]
A: I’m not too sure about this.

Rain: We should stop here right?
SH: Probably yes (clapped). Wow, Rain finished 30 questions in one breath! Super! Thank you so much for your hard work!

Rain: Here is another question I want to answer. If you have time to be a DJ?
SH: I’m curious about this question too.

Rain: I want Park SH “Love Game” time slot.
SH: You have the time to do it? Do it with me?
Rain: Yes, this time slot and do it with you.

SH: Thank you so much. We have a great time. Also, because you answered 30 questions, so we could play “Love Song” 2 or 3 times more.
Rain: Really? Promise!

SH: Of course! I will keep my promise! Oh, you just said you will feel nervous to hold a woman’s hand if she is not your lover. Why?
Rain: During the movie. If I am not too familiar with the actress, sometimes I will feel nervous.

SH: We have to stop here today. So happy today to meet Rain. Take care as you leave.
Rain: Have to leave now? I don’t want to leave! Now I have to leave. Thanks to all of you. I am Rain.

~ by Cloud USA on May 6, 2010.

7 Responses to “SBS Power FM Love Game interview, English translation.”

  1. very level headed and grounded man. i love this translation because it’s definately one i can feel is adaquate. i have communicated with huhuhuhu, who is in China and her english is perfect. but, we already know that because she always gives us the best descriptions of Rain’s concerts. sometimes these translations tend to throw fans off or into another direction as what is really meant. thanks for sharing.


    • Busybee,

      Yes, huhuhuhu always does a terrific job. Please tell her we said so and that we appreciate her endeavors tremendously.

      Terri :-}


  2. ~nod nod~ Yes Sugoii! Now I don’t feel that bad for being in my 30’s!! Rain I will be your older sister!! ^_^


  3. dont get the “Rain’s Prince complex symptom” …


    • Hi Tami,

      What she is referring to is that people have sometimes teased Rain about having a “prince complex.” A “prince complex” is a state of being where someone (usually a celebrity type) feels the need to separate themselves somewhat from the hordes of people (and paparazzi) always waiting to see them, wherever they go. Sort of like royalty.

      In a past interview on a TV show, Rain admitted that some people around him have accused him of having a “prince complex,” because he is occasionally uncomfortable with the large crowds that greet him whenever he appears in public.

      On the show he mentions a humorous episode where he was traveling and got to an airport, and thinking that a huge crowd would be awaiting his arrival, he donned dark glasses, his ever present hat, and began listening to his I-Pod before he entered the terminal.

      He didn’t even look for the crowd. Instead, he sort of faced the wall and started walking as quickly as he could towards his transportation. Suddenly, he felt a hard WHACK on his back and he looked up. It was one of his managers who said, “THERE’S NOBODY HERE!”


      In the radio interview above, that is what she was referring to as his “prince complex.” Which obviously he didn’t want to talk about. Probably because he doesn’t really have one.

      He was trying to be funny, I think.

      Terri :-}


  4. awesome read, can’t beat rain’s humour 😀


  5. Sugoii!! He is…. (whisper) marvelous!!


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