Rain’s new WPhone CF is here.

From SK Telesys.  The campaign has begun.  And I must admit we laughed like crazy.  How cute, indeed, and worth waiting for.  — Stephe ^@@^ 

(video courtesy of ratoka @YT / original translation by rain bird @Rain-eu. / loose translation by Stephe)

Firm, rigid jaw.
Six pack.
Classic black suit.
So… why are you using a girl’s cellphone?
“Your need to be a man is why you need the WPhone.”
“Prove you’re man enough with the WPhone, by going metal.  W.”


And now… the making of what you just saw, Rain’s SK WPhone (SK800) commercial ad. 

(credit: SK-W / scorpiolabibi @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on May 3, 2010.

10 Responses to “Rain’s new WPhone CF is here.”

  1. honestly, i just really admire Rain’s ability to stay so focused.
    people all around everywhere and he seems to be in his own zone,
    this cf is awesomely done. reminds me of the one that was for Nikia in the forrest with the mother and baby deers. i really enjoy just watching how he works.


    • I think that’s always been one of his greatest abilities–his focus. I remember that CF you’re talking about, I remember him being constantly rained on and cramped into position, sitting in that little niche underneath that tarp, for I don’t know how long or how many times… and the absolutely serenity on his face as he “watched for woodland creatures to photograph.” (his character had supposedly been in that position for some three hours) And when Rain could finally get out of that niche dripping wet, someone had to help him because his body had almost locked into that position–ouch!

      I too enjoy watching how he works, busybee, even more than the resulting product, you know?

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. So… why are you using a girl’s cellphone? *GUNSHOT*


    Stephe ^@@^


  3. If I get a phone like that will I be connected only to him??? OMG I hope so!! I have watched this sooo many times. The background music is perfect for him.


  4. Dude, seriously?

    Give Hello Kitty back to your girl and put the W phone in your pocket.

    Pretty please??

    Extremely effective commercial. LOL.

    Terri :-}


  5. ok i told a fib i WANT that pink phone and Rain should keep the pink phone he can pull of anything.

    i’m melting sheeeeeeeeeeesh i needed warning before watching this i mean WOWZA, iv gone hyper now 😀


  6. Stephe care to guess how many times i rewatched this then rewatched the 6pack part Ooooo my gowd *thud* seriously if i buy this phone i want that 6pack to come right along with it 😀

    this is more advertising for women i’m in wuuuuuuuuuv hehe

    EPIC CF 😀

    THE LIPS!!!! THE LIPS!!!!!

    this is all i shall say keke


  7. OMG thats hilarious… actually hilarious…..XD


  8. He is so mouth watering, isnt he?? He looks great, I´ll love to see him in a Spy movie or something like that.
    Thanks 4 sharing


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