[ad images] SK W800 “Rain” phone.

If you’re a guy whose cellphone 1) is pink or any pastel color at all, 2) is covered with sparklies or Hello Kitty, 3) has charms hanging off of it, 4) gets “WTH?” looks from the ladies, 5) is falling apart, or 6) is all of the above… salvation is at hand.  Get yourself a Rain phone, and you will have game.  Be The Man.  (Copying his hairstyle, clothing, and six pack can’t hurt either.) 🙂    — ^@@^  

~ by Cloud USA on May 3, 2010.

6 Responses to “[ad images] SK W800 “Rain” phone.”

  1. I love this CF! The shot of his open shirt with the abs made me forgot he was selling a phone!


  2. forget the phone, I just want the man!!!…rotflmao!!!


  3. LMAO ROTF!!!!!!


  4. Ooooo my gawd i am dying over here toooooooo hot!!!! ok adding these to the backgrounds 😀 they shall be added to the forum soon along with the 80 others HAHA


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