Rain Cosmo scans: Come on baby, light my fire.

Cosmopolitan, May 2010.  (image credit: ratoka @rainHK)

~ by Cloud USA on April 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “Rain Cosmo scans: Come on baby, light my fire.”

  1. صورة جميلة “^_^” جدا‏”‏ لذا لايمكنني أن احصل عليها أوعلى غيرها… شكرا‏”‏ لمن صور لنا المجلة شكرا‏”‏‏”‏


  2. He surely light it up alright!! ^^


  3. hes lite it, now what do i do? haha

    and sorry but can i just inquire what nark edited the photo’s because in the first photo (one on the right) and the third photo down (the picture on the left) they have cut all/half his head off and that is one of the 1st rules NEVER cut a persons head off – how could they let tht go to print – who ever picked that photo and said it was ok needs some help i do feel. Sorry having a rant here but other then them annoying why even include them photos he’s SMEXY and boy does he look HOT hehehehe

    i seem to rant more when i’m ill sorry 🙂


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