Rain and Joon’s latest in the commercial world.

I don’t usually put Rain’s commercial graphics (ads for Lotte, Nature Republic, Six To Five, Tous le Jours, et cetera) here because, frankly, they’re in Hangeul and it makes no sense to do so when we’ve no idea what they’re for.  But these latest Lotte “Be Eco Friendly” ads are just so handsome, I simply couldn’t resist.  And here is Joon’s new Hite Beer graphic.  Mmm… my, they grow up fast. 🙂  — Stephe ^@@^

(Rain images credit: Lotte / source: RAIN Germany) 

~ by Cloud USA on April 19, 2010.

6 Responses to “Rain and Joon’s latest in the commercial world.”

  1. Rain put his enlistment on hold due to his busy schedule, he will be going to the army sometime next year… Some people go to the army at a younger age, but because they are celebrities they wait until they are 30 to enlist… I think Changmin from 2AM is an exeption, he enlisted before he debuted… he only trained for 3 months prior to debut!!! I am no sure if, Rain will go to the army nest year or not, but that is what I heard.


  2. Hi, m. Yes, all Korean men have to serve two years mandatory military service, and have to enlist by age 30. Rain hasn’t served his time yet, so he should be going within the next two years… unless the law gets changed before then (activists in Korea are trying to get the law revised).

    But lots of men wait and go in around 30, it’s not uncommon. There has been no official announcement about Rain yet, just a lot of speculation. He will still be ours for a while longer. 😉

    Stephe ^@@^


  3. was looking for a rain fan/info site in english to stay apprised of rain’s career – glad i found this site! read Yol’s comment – so what is the deal w/ rain entering military service? is there mandatory military service for men at a certain age (30?) in korea?


  4. Yes, ladies, I could use a new T-shirt and a cold beer right about now… LOL

    Stephe ^@@^


  5. Sorry i just need to go HAHAHAHHA, have they polished Joon’s chest? lol anyway HOT!!!!!

    and rain looks adorable as usual and now i want tht t-shirt – god hes good at selling stuff to me HAHA


  6. Joon… OMG but where have u been all my life?? He is hot as Rain… Well when Rain goes to the military service we all know we have Joon to refresh our eyes!!
    Beautiful body!!


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