Fans refused to leave when LoR Yoyogi was over.

The Korea Times 4/19/2010 —Korean pop singer Rain wowed Japanese fans last weekend with two encore shows titled “Legend of Rainism.”  After releasing a special album and completing promotional activity in Korea, the 27-year-old superstar flew to Tokyo and performed at the National Yoyogi Stadium. It was evident at both shows that he is still one of the most popular Korean singers on the island nation.

On Saturday, more than 10,000 fans cheered him on during the two-hour concert, with attendees ranging from six-year-olds to high school and university students to middle-aged housewives and even old ladies who attended hand-in-hand with their grandchildren.

On Sunday, the excited and grateful Rain jumped off the stage, something that was completely unpredictable, and ran to the crowds of fans to shake their hands. Security personnel instantly made their way through the screaming audience to protect anyone from getting hurt and to keep the singer from being mobbed….

(By Han Sang-hee, Staff Reporter)

» You can read Rain Impresses Japanese Fans In Tokyo in its entirety at The Korea Times HERE.

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~ by Cloud USA on April 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “Fans refused to leave when LoR Yoyogi was over.”

  1. thank you very very very very very very very very much for that concert picture of rain lolz ;P and really – how awesome of him to want to really connect w/ his fans and show his appreciation ❤


  2. I know the feeling… Probably I´ll stay there I tried to take Rain home…hahahaha Thanks for sharing


  3. awwwwwww bless him 😀


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