Rain now endorses the SK Telesys W Phone.

News source Asia Economy is reporting J.Tune’s announcement that Rain has signed on as spokesperson for the SK Telesys W Phone, for the next six months.  SK Telesys is a division of SK Telecom, the major telecommunications company that Rain has represented for a while now.    

(Thanks to rain bird @rain-eu. for this information.)

Be on the lookout for new W Phone CFs and/or still shots, which could be surfacing at any time.  Maybe the many commercial shoots Rain did earlier this week had to do with that… ?  — Stephe ^@@^

» You can learn more about the W Phone at Telecoms Korea HERE.

» You can learn more about SK Telesys and SK Telecom HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on April 16, 2010.

One Response to “Rain now endorses the SK Telesys W Phone.”

  1. […] ago, the news broke that Rain had signed a contract with SK Telesys to endorse their new WPhone.  » You can see our previous post on the subject HERE.  Asian source Newsis is now reporting that preparation for the new campaign is in its final […]


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