New on the Blog.

* [updated] Our Cloud Projects page. Have a look, and do your thing. Have you sent Rain a Happy Debut Anniversary card this month, or a silver lining letter yet?

* Rain’s newest Lotte (Classic & Pop: Shall We Lotte?) and Nature Republic (White Therapy) CFs, plus our favorite SK Telecom spot (In A Word!), over on our Commercial Spots page.

* [updated] Our Food, Glorious Food page, with new Korean and Southern American recipes for April.

* Back To The Basic has been added to our Discography section, and the lyrics for Love Song and Hip Song—so far—have been added to our Lyrics Pages. (We hope you are enjoying our B2TB playlist as you browse!)

* Rain’s heartfelt 2006 documentary “The 7 RainMakers” has been added to our Documentaries & Interviews page.  Can you guess who the seven people most instrumental in helping Rain achieve his life dream at that time were?  See if you’re right…

* G.O of MBLAQ singing Stevie Wonder’s “All In Love Is Fair” on our Inside J.Tune Camp page.

* The “Love Song” music video has been added to our Videos & Gallery page (though there is already an offsite video link right in our sidebar for your convenience).

* New events have been added to the calendar on our Korean Culture ATL page, over on our home.

* Of course we had to update our Rain On The Horizon (his schedule over on calendar wallpaper to April, and we couldn’t resist having Rain’s SPECTACULAR DANCERS grace that page.  (So yummy.)

* Our Favorite Rain Pics are in a constant state of update. So head over and enjoy yourself tremendously.

Have a great week, Clouds!  —  Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on April 14, 2010.

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