Korea Times Music Festival: final call.

This year’s KTMF at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles is roughly two weeks away, and it looks to be a spectacular event in the making.  To fans who have their tickets and have finalized their travel plans—enjoy the fireworks, and don’t forget to tell the rest of us all about it when you get back home!

The final artists list, if anyone missed it, is as follows (Old School and New School):

Choi Sung-Soo
2PM *scream*
Wonder Girls
Leessang *scream*
Kim Jong-Kook *double-scream*
Yoon Soo-Il
Kim Yun-Ja
Ju Hyun-Mi
Lee Eun-Mi
Nicole (MC)
BEAST *triple-scream*

The new 2010 Korean Music Festival website is live.  » You can visit it HERE.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on April 14, 2010.

One Response to “Korea Times Music Festival: final call.”

  1. I wanna go sooooooooooo bad, 2pm and beast Omfghavdkjwqabdvuwq. why do i have to live sooo far away.

    and yes if u are lucky enough to go i also want to hear allll about. make me epically jealous i know you want too haha


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