What do Rain and Han Ye-Seul have in common? Versatility.

We know this because we saw actress Ye-Seul’s » (or Leslie Kim, as we know her in the U.S. ) recent photos from her ELLE Korea shoot and we almost didn’t recognize her.  She looked killer.  And so glamorous.  And we applaud her.

They are both tremendously talented, as proven by what they’ve done in previous individual projects over the years.  They are two actors with shape-shifter/chameleon-like skills… it’s no wonder Rain and Ye-Seul’s chemistry in the “Love Song” music video was strong and believable.  If you didn’t feel the earth tremble a bit as you watched that SECOND Love Song teaser, I would check my pulse if I were you. 😉

Good luck to Ye-Seul in all of her future endeavors.

» See allkpop’s recent blog post on Ye-Seul’s Elle photo shoot HERE.

» See Popseoul’s glamor post on her Elle shoot HERE.

LG air conditioner Whisen commercial spot “Love Is Cool”, with Song Seung-heon.  (courtesy of nekocat007)

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on April 13, 2010.

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