Rain’s Inkigayo interview.

During the same show, SBS Inkigayo, broadcast on the 11th.  He looks SO good.  And even though he knows and we know that he is a mega-icon of major proportions, Rain’s humbleness and encouragement of the young stars interviewing him is inspiring.  What a guy.  (Taecyeon absolutely cracked me up at the very beginning with his attempts at Rain-chest-pumping intensity.  LOL!)  — Stephe ^@@^

(courtesy of rakota / original interview translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Female MC: This generation’s ultimate world star and sexiest man… when he laughs with his charming eyes, his is cuter than I am.  World star Rain has returned to us. Rain!

Everyone: Hello… greetings, everybody.  Hello…

Taecyeon: Your title track, ‘Love Song’ is a ballad song unexpectedly.

Rain: This R&B song has four beats and a simple feeling, it is arranged in this way.

2nd Male: This guy (2PM’s Taecyeon) is called a sexy guy [too]. Does he have the necessary credentials to become THE sexy guy?

Rain: As a sexy guy who tears his clothes and takes off them, [Taecyeon] is second to none.

[Taecyeon blushes like crazy and thanks him for the compliment, of course. 🙂  ]

Female MC: Could I become a world star like you?

Rain: I’m not sure I’m ready for a world star [title] yet, but you stand a good chance of getting the title.  I think we should do our best.

~ by Cloud USA on April 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rain’s Inkigayo interview.”

  1. He really looks great and also… So happy isnt he!! He is amazingly hot…
    Thanks for sharing!!


  2. rain is an inspiration especially to his juniors..he outshines the rest,he’s really a world star!


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