Rain isn’t alone on the KBS “unfit for broadcast” train.

Well, how about this?  Apparently, Rain and the “Love Song” character he plays aren’t the only traffic violators in town.  The Psy-Kim Jang Hoon music video for World Cup song “Ring For Me Once Again” and Yoo SeungChan’s “Chemistry” MV have also received the same citations from KBS: the fake characters in the videos are bad examples for the public as they are not acting properly or observing traffic rules in the street, therefore the public will go out and imitate these scenes and get themselves killed.

» See our previous post on KBS’s displeasure with the “Love Song” music video HERE.

As we understand it, all three videos will be re-edited (how the heck is that going to work?) and resubmitted to KBS for approval.  As if J.Tune doesn’t have enough going on right now already.

» Read KoreanUpdates.com’s blog post (source: TVReport) and see the “offensive” music videos HERE.  We’re simply shaking our heads.  How utterly silly.

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on April 10, 2010.

7 Responses to “Rain isn’t alone on the KBS “unfit for broadcast” train.”

  1. just put “dont do this on the street”in the cd!hay kbs..pls be open minded to rain!


  2. did his other video (where he runs down the road) get banned? because if it didn’t then what the hell haha

    Escaping the sun – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QPzZSa3DVc some very obvious road running going on here haha or do they have white lines on the pavement as well in Korea/where ever it was filmed?

    so why is one ok and the other not???? ofc they would have stopped the traffic and set it up properly, and people would know this, KBS are stupid haha.

    Its like cutting the world road fight scene from ninja assassin its just silly and i LOVED tht part haha.

    Personally i think its cus they are Jealous of his sexy body thrusting infront of ther eyes 😀 hehehe or they are all over 95 and find everything wrong and offensive haha


    • Oh yeah… what about Escaping The Sun? Did anything come of that? The running in that was worse. Good point!

      They’re all over 95 and jealous of his body… ROFL!! Hahahahaha

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. What KBS is saying about Rain and the other artists is that they did not observe the proper traffic rules for pedestrians in their videos (the fake characters they play in their videos are bad examples for people), and are encouraging the public to jaywalk, sprint wildly across roads, and interfere with traffic to the point that people are at risk.

    As if, upon seeing Love Song, the public at large will go out and get themselves killed imitating Rain.

    That is what they are saying. Good grief. 😡

    And that until the unsafe street scenes in the videos are edited, they will not broadcast them on their channel. WOW.

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. i still can’t wrap my mind around this…is this KBS’s way of telling the public that Rain had a traffic violation?? i mean what were the police doing while the mv was being made?? weren’t they supposed to be there to control the traffic?? it was said that the mv making was closed to the public, so that should have made it easy for the police to focus on the traffic, right?? i don’t know, this is the first time in my lifetime (and i’ve been around for some time), that i have EVER heard of a TV station intercepting an appearance for something so trivial. i can’t help but think something else is behind this.


  5. How utterly unbelievable.

    This is so stupid I don’t even know how to respond.

    Terri :-}


  6. Rain video break the traffic law???… Is this for real?…hmmm


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